IV Leauge is happy to announce that L Street Performance Spa will be opening this coming Friday, May 26th, just in time for Memorial Day Weekend. Free b12 shots all weekend for coming and checking out the space! Offerings will include an Oxygen Bar, Infrared red sauna, I.V. Therapy, semaglutide weight loss program, and for you warriors out there, IV League will be offering cold plunge therapy!  Address: 47 L street, South Boston. Ivleaguehydrate.com to book. Walk-ins welcome!

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Back in 2018, IV League opened its first South Boston hydration lounge and became an instant success! If you don’t know what IV hydration is, it basically is instant relief from hangovers, colds, and jet lag through a saline mixture that’s administered right into your veins through a needle by a registered nurse.

Well, we are happy to report that IV League will open its second location on L Street in the old Sprout Market spot. The announcement was made on Wednesday via social media.

IV League’s second location will offer everything from IV hydration to specialized services like cryotherapy, infrared sauna, and more!

IV League also has a location in Salem.

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  1. Mike Thomas May 25, 2023 at 5:36 am - Reply

    Covert, that’s the first thought on iv league.
    Agenda 2030.
    Needles ???…to hydrate ?..what about taking a drink ?, Remember the ol’ water-cooler,.the bubbla ?
    Subliminal advertising/ messaging.
    Is all over the covid garbage/ bs pandemic…And IV league.
    Starting to wonder about the editing on the catchie named site here…
    Agenda 2030…wanna go there Mo ?

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