We are sad to report that two local businesses have closed their doors this week.

The old school stable for late night snacks, South Boston Chinese Restaurant on West Broadway closed for good early this week.  You could eat your chicken fingers and fried rice in one of the many orange formica booths. It was open until 2am, seven nights a week, so it was no stranger to tipsy patrons of the neighboring bars.  Which leads us to this question. With Certified Meatball Company still vacant and now South Boston Chinese closed, will the Broadway Restaurant Group create another neighborhood hot spot? Hmmm…more to follow.

Opening less than a year ago, Sprout Neighborhood Market on L Street is no longer in business.  Friend of CIS, Jenn Menjin reported to us that the shop is “completely bare.”  Well, that’s too bad.

In June, On Centre – a gift shop on East Broadway – closed its doors.

So there you have it.  In the every changing landscape of small business in the neighborhood, one door closes and another one opens….including a new luxury theater in the Seaport. 



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  1. Ken July 22, 2022 at 4:38 pm - Reply

    The only kind of restaurant I see coming there is another one of those so called “ high end “ restaurants. A place where you couldn’t get hot dog and fries for under $35.00. It all started with the Tall ships coming in, then FORCED BUSSING was FORCED upon us and it’s gone to hell since then. Welcome to Yuppie Boston…formerly known as South Boston.

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