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Hey, Southie! Let’s keep it clean.

Southie PSA

Now that we are out of the house after months of self quarantining, it’s become clear that Southie is dirty and needs some attention.  Enforcement of street cleaning has been put on hold due to COVID-19 and it seems as though people forgot how to pick up trash in public spaces.

Street Cleaning

Now more than ever, I miss street cleaning. I don’t miss the stress of trying to figure out whether this is the second or third Wednesday of the month or whether or not I’m parked on the right side but I really miss clean streets.

Have you noticed the condition of Southie’s streets lately?  Trash strewn about in the streets and on the sidewalks.  Clumps of old dead leaves and dirt in clusters in the gutters and blocking catch basins.  It’s disgusting.

Let’s take baby steps and start enforcing street cleaning parking.  If we can have dinner and drinks on a patio, we can make sure our car is moved so the street sweeper can do its job.  It’s time.  Let’s move those cars!

Pitch in!

It’s great to see so many people using our parks and beaches. Know what’s not good? The litter left behind.  Broken Twisted Tea bottles.  Empty Bud Light 30-packs. Plastic water bottles.  Dog poop bags.  Fireworks debris.

Before we go blaming the yuppies for leaving M Street Beach like a garbage dump, we’ve seen packs of Southie kids hanging out right next to the newcomers.  We all need to do better.  We need to pick up our trash and put it into trash barrels.  If you are gonna be drinking like Country Fest, bring a trash bag and put your empties in it.

Same goes for parks. If there are no barrels at the park, bring your poop bag home and throw it in your own trash barrel.

Sweep the streets in front of your homes and businesses.  If you see trash on the ground, pick it up and throw it away.

Let’s all be respectful and courteous to our neighbors and our neighborhood.

Let’s keep it clean, Southie!


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Peter Gailunas is a lifelong Southie resident and Boston firefighter who sometimes takes it upon himself to tell people what's what. Favorite day of the week is trash day. Big fan of the 311 app, food shopping and cooking. Self-proclaimed "Fastest Man Alive." Married to the editor.