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It’s a Southie Sangria Summer! Here are several sangrias for you to enjoy while exploring Southie this summer…


Not sure whether to get Rosé or Sangria? Why not both? Go to Hunter’s Kitchen and Bar and try their Rosé Sangria with rum, rosemary and white grape to satisfy both cravings!

Worden Hall

Grab all of your friends and head to Worden Hall to get a pitcher of their Summer Sangria for the whole table. Made with orange curacao, spices and fresh citrus, you have the choice between a red wine or rosé base. The hardest part will be making sure your friends all agree on which to choose!


With two unique flavors, Moonshine152 has put a twist on the sangria style. Sahil’s Sangria is a Mediterranean red wine blend with brandy, ginger liqueur, hibiscus, apples and fresh citrus whereas Arae’s Apricot-Peach White Sangria has a Mediterranean white wine blend with peach liqueur, orange brandy, apricot puree and fresh citrus. So, which is it going to be?

Six West

If the name of the restaurant is in the cocktail name, then you know it has to be good. Go to Six West to try their Six West Sangria made with Ketel One botanical, white wine and grapefruit!


Red, white and rose! If you know you want sangria but are not sure what kind, Shenannigans has you covered with their three sangria options. Their white sangria is made with Josh Pinot Grigio, apricot brandy, peach schnapps and soda water. Their rosé sangria is made with Campo Viejo Rose, Absolut watermelon and grapefruit juice topped with soda water and lastly their red sangria is made with Josh Pinot Noir, blackberry brandy and seasonal fruit juices.


Going to Loco but not feeling loco? Stick to what you know and order their red or white sangria!

The Paramount

Put the mimosas and Bloody marys on pause while brunching at The Paramount and substitute them for their Mango White Sangria or their Pomegranate Red Sangria. Enjoy those pancakes and your “side” of fruit!

Fat Baby

Who knew drinking could be a charitable activity? If you go to Fat Baby and order their White Sangria, which is made with Tito’s, peach, Riesling, orange juice and soda, Tito’s will donate $1 of every glass sold to community servings. They also have red sangria available, but note that that cocktail doesn’t count toward the donations.


If you’re looking for a way to spice up your sangria routine, go to Lincoln and order their White Sangria that has peach, pear and passionfruit! They also have red sangria available.

The Broadway

Calling all strawberry lovers…head to The Broadway to taste their Summer Rosé Sangria made with rose, Cruzan strawberry rum, elderflower, house simple, lemon, cranberry, soda water and wait for it…FRESH STRAWBERRIES!

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