Jospeh’s K & 8th St. Market opened its door on January 17th, 1945 and just celebrated its 66th Anniversary.  The brother team of Phil and Paul Joseph are third generation butchers/shop owners and learned their craft from good old fashioned hands on training and passed down family traditions.

 For life long residents of Southie, K&8th has always been a staple when it comes to feeding a family.  And new residents are finding out what lifers have known for years, K&8th serves high quality meats, poultry, and seafood and offers knowledgeable and professional service combined with a friendly and welcoming feeling.  Some legendary local families have been coming in for generations too.  Families like The Woods’, The Lee’s, the Linehan’s, and the Margie Maguire Shaughnessy family to name a few.  And thanks to word of mouth, new residents are finding out about K&8th.  (A special thank you to Eileen DeMichele who has single handedly introduced the entire South Boston Moms Club to K&8th.)

What’s the most popular item?

The most popular item ordered at K&8th?  Beef of course!  – It’s a close tie between the ground beef and the steak tips.  They also make their own fresh, homemade sausages like chicken, Italian hots and Kielbasa. (Interesting fact: A long time ago in Southie there was a Lithuanian butcher known for his Kielbasa who had two shops when he closed his business, he sent all his customers to K&8th and from that gesture – K&8th still has a booming Kielbasa business.)
With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, Phil and Paul are the kings of corned beef.  They sell 3000 lbs of corned beef on St. Patrick’s Day weekend alone! That’s a lot of corned beef!  People travel in from all over the state for it – especially people who use to live in Southie – hmmm – maybe we can “catch” some people at K&8th picking up their orders! Make sure to place your order at the beginning of March so you don’t miss out!

It’s not all about the meat

But meat isn’t all they sell. They also sell fresh produce, dairy, sundries and packaged goods. Phil and Paul use local farms and businesses whenever possible too. K&8th is a fixture in the South Boston community and Phil and Paul are great guys who love serving the people of Southie and we love them right back! Next time you’re in the mood to make something special for dinner (maybe a romantic Valentine’s dinner), give K&8th a try and tell the guys Caught in Southie sent you!