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With the new school year approaching quickly, the idea of another new fall and winter wardrobe pops into mind. With this pocket- sized guide for fall you will be able to be the most stylish mom and the best dressed at work. Tuck away your summer blues and jump into autumn reds. 
Pop here comes the orange. Change from wearing bland shades of blacks and greys and add a touch of orange. Worn in bright, bold, or burnt matched with camels, browns or blacks for the perfect pop of color. 
Wide leg pants are bringing back the 60’s in a stylish bell-bottom. While you may not jump to the wide leg pant becoming your new wardrobe staple just yet, don’t overlook its elegant, stylish addition to your 2011 repertoire. If you are asking yourself how to wear a wide leg, your answer is with heels and a slim fitting top to balance out the volume on the bottom half on a tall frame body. 
If you dare to glare jump into the bright bottom key this fall. Wear them in a pencil skirt, cropped pants or corduroys. Wear these flamboyant bottoms with a neutral colored top for a sophisticated look. 
Schoolgirl or grandma may be images in your mind looking at the new key item of fall. Though you may be undecided on bringing back memories with your clothing a granny plaid has become fashionable. Match your plaid with leggings and leather boots for a cute chilly day image. If too much plaid is too much for you wear a plaid scarf to add some pattern to your drab outfit. 
Use this pocket-sized fall to-do when you are questioning what to wear when you have somewhere to go or for everyday help. Secret trend tips also give you a consumer insider secret. Jump in the leaves and pick some apples dressed the best in the town. 
Trend Tip: Heel Condoms- A creative way to protect your heel and jazz up your outfit. Attach them right to your stiletto and have a whole new shoe with bows, feathers, or sequins. (www.heelcondoms.com)
Trend Tip: Colors that match your skin tone or hair color such as tans or yellows should always be worn as a bottom instead of drowning yourself in color on the top. 
Annie Rusteika is a student of fashion at Johnson and Wales in Rhode Island, a South Boston resident and visual merchandiser at JCrew.