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Written by Keriann Coffey

Sure, mobile maps are more useful, but print maps? They inspire the kind of nostalgia and wanderlust deserving of wall space. Just check out  this newly released map of South Boston by Southie’s own JHill Design. A charming, graphic statement—made up of place-inspired patterns and Southie’s busiest streets—it’s the perfect way to pay homage to your favorite neighborhood (yes, we’re assuming that’s Southie). And since it is the season of giving… consider all of its perfect-for-gifting qualities: for an S.O., it can highlight the high points of your relationship (where you met, fell in love, or bought your first home); for a transplanted friend, it can remedy homesickness year-round. The list goes on—and even better? Unlike most (read: all) wall art, it’s actually affordable. Plus, you can personalize it (so many added bonuses!).

Already jotting down a few lucky recipients? Visit  JHill Design and place your order* with the code SOUTHIE for an exclusive Caught in Southie discount of 15% off. Itching to get your hands on a print right now? Swing by Wears & Wares on East Broadway to pick one (or a few) up today. And while you’re at it, be sure to check out JHill’s  Boston Marathoner Map Print. Featuring race date, the course map, and personalized details (bib number, finish time), it’s the perfect way to commemorate such a monumental accomplishment. 

*JHill ships locally, but is also available for in-studio pickup (they’re located right in Southie on 423 West Broadway) by appointment