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American Provisions (613 East Broadway) will be hosting a gourmet Whoopie Pie tasting today (Saturday, May 14) from 12-3pm. 

Stop by the treat yourself to the delicious black and white dessert.  Yum!

History of the Whoopie Pie

There is much debate about where the whoopie pie originated.  Mainers, Pennsylvanians and Bostonians have all claimed they have invented the beloved Whoopie Pie.  Pennsylvania claims Amish women invented it and when their children and husbands would find it in their lunch boxes they would shout, “Whoopie!”

The creation of the first Whoopie, according to Maine legend, occurred when a woman working in a Bangor commercial bakery ended up with extra batter after making a batch of cakes. Rather than waste it, she scooped spoonfuls of the batter onto a baking tray and popped them into the oven. After they were done, she stuck the resulting mounds together with leftover frosting, and, voila.

But we’d like to believe that the Whoopie Pie was invented here in Boston.  The Berwick Cake Company in Dudley Square (closed in 1977) is the true originator of the Whoopie Pie.  Bakery historians believe that The Berwick Cake Company began making them in as far back as 1931. 
Regardless of who was the inventor of the whoopie pie, we are glad it was created!  Stop by American Provisions and get a taste!