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Let it grow!  Let it grow!  Let it grow!

Southie Gift Idea Alert! 

Want longer thicker lashes?  Well, Wink Eyecare has your covered – literally with Revitalash!  While conditioning your lashes, Revitalash ($150) helps strengthen your lashes so they end up growing longer and thicker. After a few weeks you’ll notice fuller, longer more youthful lashes!  Who doesn’t want that?  If your brows need some love, Revitabrow ($110) will help you have beautiful, dramatic brows by tinting and defining.


Wink ran their own experiment.  Here’s Meredith after 3 months!  Wowee!  Pretty impressive, right? 

Right now Wink Eyecare has a holiday special going on!  When you buy both Revitalash and Revitabrow, you get the primer/mascara (normally $35) for FREE!

Insider’s Tip: You can use Revitalash on your lash extensions too. It helps increase the life of your lashes so your extensions won’t fall off as quickly.  Sweet!

Wink Eyecare is located at 647 East Broadway

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