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Written by Heather Foley

If you follow me on Instagram (glamorousbaggage, thank you very much) you may have noticed that I posted about eyelash extensions a couple months ago, if you don’t follow me or didn’t notice let me catch you up, I got eyelash extensions a couple months ago.  Ok, now that we’re all on the same page let’s talk about the extensions, I love them.  I had always been a little leery of trying extensions because I didn’t want to look like Snuffleupagus (yes that is the correct spelling, I looked it up and I’m just as surprised as you are), but then more and more women I know copped to getting lash extensions and they didn’t look at all like a character on Sesame Street.  I started noticing thick full lashes on so many ladies I talk to, and as I noticed more and more lash extensions I became irrationally annoyed at my own stubby lashes.  So I bit the bullet, I decided to get lash extensions.  I asked around and everyone I know who has them went to Lori at  The Beauty Bar, and if she’s good enough for everyone I know she’s good enough for me.  Because I am annoying like that, I asked both Lori and everyone I know who has them a million questions, and since a few people have asked me the same questions, I figured I would pass on everything you need to know about getting eyelash extensions!

Pre Appointment
Watch the caffeine.  Your initial appointment will be about two hours, I don’t know about you but that’s a long time for me to sit still.  If caffeine makes you at all jittery you should probably shouldn’t have any prior to your appointment.  Pro tip, drink wine instead!
Visit the ladies room.  You will be on your back for two hours unable to open your eyes, for the love of God go to the bathroom before the application gets underway.

The Appointment
Know what you want.  When I was asked what I wanted for my eyelash extensions I didn’t even know there were options.  Do you want dramatic or natural?  Emphasis on length, volume, or both?  Not sure?  No big deal, you just have to trust your lash stylist enough to say “whatever you think”.  Trust is huge by the way!  This is why I don’t recommend just going with some rando deal you found on Groupon, you are trusting someone to use glue very close to your eyeballs!

Chill out.  As previously stated you are going to be lying down for a couple hours, and with someone messin about your eyeballs, if you’re uncomfortable tell your lash stylist!  I need to move my shoulders and neck at least halfway through the appointment, you probably will too and unless you want a tweezer in your eye tell your lash stylist before you squirm.

No pain no gain.  Well not really pain, but when you sit up after the lash application is complete your eyes may sting and water a bit.  Mine stung a little and watered a good deal, but some friends didn’t have watery eyes or stinging, everyone really is different I guess.

Post Appointment
Be careful!  The first 24 hours are the most crucial since the glue needs to set.  No showers or saunas (basically no water or heat), no eye makeup, especially mascara (you don’t need it now anyway), don’t rub your eyes and try to sleep on your back.

And you have to keep being at least a little careful.  Try to sleep on your back, super hard for me because I like to sleep on my face because I am a weirdo.  Sleeping on your back is one of the best way to prevent wrinkles so maybe I just need a Michael Jackson sleep pod.  No oil based products (oil breaks down the glue), no eyelash curlers, try not to rub your eyes, and in general just be a little careful.

  • Bring a washcloth into the shower with you to keep the eye area dry-ish.
  • Use a clean mascara spoolie and a light hand if lash extensions get tangled.
  • If you MUST use mascara, go with clear and just on the tips, do not use waterproof.
  • Schedule your fill appointment (anywhere from two to four weeks, I go with three) before you leave the salon, you don’t want to have to sit through another two hour application appointment again, right?

So far I’ve had the original extension application and a couple three week fills, and I couldn’t be happier with them.  I am honestly shocked at the difference they make.  When I wake up in the morning I think I look a lot more put together without putting any makeup on.  My eyes look bigger, brighter, greener, and more alert, and I think the fullness of the lashes make me look younger.  I’m not saying I would leave the house without makeup or post of those no makeup selfies (never going to happen so stop “nominating” me to do one) but I no longer feel that I look like I was pulled out of a drain when I wake up.  I don’t want to be dramatic (that’s a lie, I always want to be dramatic) but I don’t know how I lived without lash extensions.  I can’t say enough good things about Lori and  The Beauty Bar, so if you’re thinking about eyelash extensions (do it, do it) she’s my recommendation.  Call them now (617-268-2800) if you want lashes for the holidays!