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Written by Heather Foley

Ku De Ta is our top spot when it comes to grabbing a gift for a girlfriend.  We love everything they carry so much it was hard to pick just a few items!  (Seriously, a few CIS staffer have been caught wearing the same things from Ku De Ta at the same time, and they might be eyeballing the same dress there now)  Ku De Ta has gifts of all styles and price points, here are our picks!

  1. A gift card  Ok, a gift card might not feel super special, but has anyone ever been disappointed to get one?  And if you and your girlfriends to a Yankee swap this is the perfect gift.
  2. Cimber Druzy Necklace $118  We like to think of these babies as the grownup version of the Best Friend necklace, so you and your best friend should get them for each other.
  3. Lokai Bracelets $18 Each Lokai  Bracelet is infused with elements from the highest and lowest points on Earth, water from Mt. Everest and mud from the Dead Sea.  The bracelets serve as a reminder to live a balanced like, making it the perfect gift for the balanced Yogi in your life, or your friend who’s a hot mess and needs all the balance help she can get.
  4. Kitsch Starry Eyed Necklace and Earrings Set $35  You probably have a super star friend who goes above and beyond for everyone she loves, this gift is for her.  Or it’s for your friend who is working on being a reality star by being an absolute trainwreck, your call.
  5. Saw That Crumble + Toss Cards $28  Cards elevate any gift (I say this as someone who loves getting cards but is terrible at giving them), but the ones you find at the drugstore are usually pretty lame.  I love these Saw That cards because they let your friends know you love them even though they are terrible.
  6. B.U. Cheers To Life! Necklace $35  Do you have a friend who is celebrating a kick ass 2015 and/or a friend who had a terrible 2015 and needs to drink the pain away?  Either way this works.

Ku De Ta has a ton of other gifts (Alex and Ani, Free People, Hanky Panky, Kendra Phillip, and many, many more) for every lady (or dude, no judgement) on your list, so hit them up when you’re doing your Christmas shopping!  Oh and tag your pics with #SouthieChristmas so we can creep on your Instagram!