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Oh boy!  Have you looked in the mirror lately and thought, “I could use a refresh?”  Whether you’re pushing 30 or 60, we all want to look our absolute best.  Not necessarily younger, just youthful!  Like you’ve have a week of good sleep!  Patrice Forster – aesthetics nurse practitioner at Epidermis & Co in Winthrop is considered an expert in her field and we recently sat down with her to chat about fillers and botox.

How did you start practicing aesthetic nursing?
Working in the nursing field, it is dominated by women. I was always chatting with my co-workers about how they wanted to “look” as young as they felt. I wanted to break in to aesthetics as a way to introduce the every – day woman to methods that could accomplish this with a cost-effective means. I was introduced to Michele Cataldo Favalaro, owner of Epidermis, through a colleague. We really hit it off on a personal level and it went from there.

Okay, so first a little education.  What exactly are you injecting into the skin?
Neurotoxins, better known as Botox and Dysport, is a class of medications that  are injected into the muscle causing temporary paralysis with movement. Specifically, these target the nerves that are inside the muscles causing a  significant decrease in moderate to severe facial lines. They are also used for medical conditions such as chronic  migraines.

What do you recommend for wrinkles?
Personally, I have had the best luck with Dysport. It also is the most cost effective for the consumer. The forehead area can need ranging anywhere from 20-50 units depending on how strong the clients muscles are. I always take into consideration the patients expected outcomes as well as budget. The goal is for a natural look and not a “frozen face.”  Other target areas include “crows feet,” neck/jowls (known as the Nefertiti lift) and mastoid muscles to create a more defined cheek area.

What about fuller lips?
Filler products, such as Juvaderm or Restalyne, are a hyaluronic acid products.  The idea is for me to enhance a patients natural lip. Not to create more  “Kylie Jenner’s” floating around.

How much of a commitment are these treatments?
Neurotoxins like Botox/Dysport lasts approximately 3 months while filler for lips lasts around 9 months. This can slightly vary given each persons metabolism.

Is there anything else potential clients should know?
The most asked question I have received is ” What is the recovery time?”  To speak of, there is little to no recovery time for neurotoxins. Many of my clients have Botox/Dysport during their lunch break and head back to the office. With regards to fillers, there may be slight swelling for the next several days.

The second most asked question, “Will is be painful?” For Botox/Dysport, the client will feel a slight pinch to each area injected (ie- if the forehead needs 5 small injections, then there will be 5 slight pinches). When doing fillers, I apply a topical numbing cream. Discomfort varies from person to person.

What are next steps for someone who’s thinking about trying these treatments (asking for a friend)?
If you’re interested in hearing more about these aesthetic procedures, or other treatments offered at Epidermis,  please do not hesitate to contact me to set up an appointment! Please know our office is overseen by a plastic surgeon who is available for consultations as well. Although it seems Botox is on every corner, it is your face and I wouldn’t just try anyone! My number ONE priority is safety for my patient. At Epidermis we create a welcoming warm atmosphere  in a safe and clean environment. The industry is changing in that there is a large push to stop aesthetic procedures from being done at salons or at-home parties.

For more information you can contact Patrice here!   To book appointments, call Donna at Epidermis 617-224-2024.  Make sure to mention you saw this article to receive 10% your first treatment of either Botox/Dysport or filler!

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