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We’ve received some great design-related questions from Caught in Southie readers over the past few weeks. It was very hard to pick just one! We hope to eventually answer everything that comes our way, but for now we’ll start with a couple of great queries from Amy.

I have a spare room in my apartment and am at a loss on what to use it for.  I don’t need an office or a home gym. I would like to have it be a place where guests can stay but don’t want to make it a spare bedroom.  Any suggestions?

The first thing we’d recommend is taking a look at your hobbies or other activities you do in areas of your home that you’d prefer to contain. Do you enjoy painting? Create a mini-studio. How about sewing or scrapbooking? Create a craft room. Maybe you’d like to have a serene room to unwind with a good book and mug of tea. Create an oasis for yourself. Despite what you ultimately make it, it’s easy to also make it accommodating to overnight guests. Consider a daybed or extra deep sofa that’s just as useful to you as it would be to guests. No need to dedicate a large chunk of the room to a bed that’s only used on occasion. Whatever you decide, think of both form and function and you can’t go wrong.

Also, I’m considering a photo wall over a large bombe chest in my entryway.  Do you recommend using like frames, or mix and match (which I would prefer for a funky vibe)?  Also, any suggestions on the layout?

Photo walls are a great way to add some personalized interest to an entryway or other areas of your home for that matter…we also love them going up a stairwell or as a feature wall in a living room. If you’re going for a funky vibe mixed frames are definitely the way to go and it’s easier to pull off than you may think. Check out some of our past blog posts for ideas on how to arrange your gallery wall: http://www.twelvechairsboston.com/search/label/gallery%20wall.

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