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Written by Heather Foley

There are two types of people in the world, those who start planning their Halloween costume, and everyone else.  If you’re one of those people who doesn’t spend months putting together the perfect Halloween costume you might now be a leeeetle panicky and/or crying in Party City, and that’s ok.  Well it’s not really ok, it’s kind of sad, get your sh!t together and get out of there.  Seriously, get the hell out of there.  You don’t need anything at Party City!  You don’t need any cheap cheesy costume crap, you have everything you need for a costume or five right in your closet.  I am a big proponent of shopping your closet for Halloween, I can’t even remember the last time I bought a costume, so let me help you.

Annie Hall
Remember that menswear trend you dove into headfirst a few seasons ago and then promptly abandoned?  Let’s resurrect it!  Grab your wide leg trousers, tailored button down, vest, tie, and wide brimmed hat and BOOM, you’re done.  For the record I hate Woody Allen and think he is a disgusting garbage person, but this costume is so easy I’m willing to overlook it one day a year.

The Guilty Remnant, aka a cult member from The Leftovers
Wear all white, chain-smoke and ignore everyone.  

The Dude
Wear your bathrobe and talk about your rug and how it pulled the whole room together all night.

Rachel Zoe
I’m assuming everyone has some flared denim in their closet?  The flareier the better!  Top off with a poncho or fur vest, some chain necklaces, and top it all off with a hat (beanie or wide brimmed) and you’re good to go.  Pepper your sentences with “lit-erally” and “bananas” for added authenticity.
Now I realize that maybe that maybe you and I don’t see eye to eye on everything, and you might like some ideas from someone who is not me, so I asked some of the most stylist people I know for their go-to easy not cheesy Halloween costumes, enjoy!

Casey McGoff, stylist at The Beauty Bar/Halloween Aficionado

Use a sheet:

Casey is an invaluable Halloween resource because she is super creative and loves dressing up.  She may or may not have a whole closet dedicated to costumes, so she never really needs an easy last minute one from her “real” clothes, but that doesn’t mean she can’t help us!  Her pick?  A white sheet.  She’s not suggesting you make like Charlie Brown and be a sad little ghost, you have to put some imagination into it!  Use your sheet to be a Greek goddess, Daenerys Targaryen, Greek Yogurt, a sexy ghost (throw a bikini or something skanky on over the sheet), or anything else you can come up with.

The ladies from Dew Luxe 

Anna Wintour

Bring out your inner fashion editor this Halloween.  Tweed suit, brown bob wig, oversized sunglasses, and a Birkin bag.  Don’t forget your September issue of Vogue.  

The Crew at Ku De Ta

Wednesday Adams

The gals at Ku De Ta suggested Wednesday Addams when we asked them for their pick, and we LOVE it!  Basic Bitches use an LBD to dress up as Holly Golightly, Bad Ass Bitches use an LBD to dress up as Wednesday Addams.  Be a Bad Ass Bitch, not a Basic Bitch.  Oh and if you want to treat yourself to a new LBD they currently have this chic dress that is also the perfect Wednesday Addams costume, get after it!

Jaimie Sparks, Owner of both Pretty Reckless and an Incredibly Enviable Wardrobe

Jaimie loves an all-black outfit for an easy, stylish Halloween look.  Leather leggings, black crop or tank, and a leather moto jacket make for chic base for all kinds of costumes!  Throw on some cat ears, vampire fangs, goth makeup, devil horns, or even a lace masquerade mask and you have a Halloween costume that could also be in the pages of Italian Vogue.

Maureen Dahill, Editor of CIS/Fan of Fashion
For those of you who only know Maureen as the head honcho at CIS, let me tell you she is also the single most stylish and creative person I know.  I asked her for some ideas and of course they were awesome… “At any moment I can reach into my closet and find a costume.  It says a lot about my wardrobe choices.  Easy classic Halloween costume idea?  

Fashionable gypsy.   Boho/peasant style dress or top and skirt.  Colorful scarf tied on the head.  Hoop earrings.  Lots of bracelets and necklaces.  Leather belt and booties.  Carry a Magic 8 ball.

Another idea?  Rosie the Riveter.  

Anyone that knows me knows I’m no stranger to denim on denim and I love dressing like I’m in Shawshank Redemption/1940’s prison attire.  Tuck that chambray shirt into a pair of jeans.  Tie a red bandana in your hair, put on some red lipstick and boom “We Can Do It!”

Feeling eccentric?  Transform yourself into everyone’s favorite recluse from the 1970’s – Little Edie.  

Black turtleneck under a one-piece bathing suit with tights.  Wrap a sweater like a turban around your head and fasten with a brooch.  If you have a small American Flag handy, even better.”

Are you all set now?  You’ve got plenty of easy of costumes to choose from so you can concentrate on what’s really important, eating Halloween candy and drinking spooky booze.  We’d love to see your costumes and how you’re celebrating Halloween, so tag your Instagram pics with #CaughtInSouthie please!