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Who wants to go for a bike ride?  Get your bicycle road-ready with a tune-up from MyBike.

The bike experts at MyBike (516 East Second Street) will give your bike the once over including: brake adjustment, shift adjustment, truing of both wheels, full nut and bolt check, adjustment of all bearings, drive-train flush (removal and cleaning of chain, cassette and chain rings) and bike cleaning. If something needs to be repaired, they’ll fix it for free! (They’re good like that.) MyBike is also throwing in free door-to-door concierge service for all you Caught in Southie fans! 

Just think, once your bike is road ready, you can take a leisurely cruise along the beach and do a little sight-seeing, go green and start biking into work, or run errands around town.  And it’s a great form of exercise.

What’s better than that? 

We’ll tell you what – getting this MyBike Tune Up for a steal!  It’s just $30 for the whole kit and kaboodle.  This whole package is normally valued at $80 ($60 for tune-up and $20 for concierge service).  So you’re saving $50! Just think of the stuff you can buy with the $50 bucks you’re saving! 

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