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Photography: Joel Benjamin
Styling: Evan Crothers/Ennis
Hair/Makeup: Liz Washer/Ennis

On Sinead: Tule floral skirt by Mayoral $50, Long sleeve poplin blouse by Mayoral $41, Mesh Sweater By Mayoral $40  

On Henry: Toggle Cardigan with button pockets by Mayoral $48, Green oxford  by Mayoral $34, Fedora with feather By Fore $34

On Rhys: Yellow knit bow dress By Jean Bourget $88

On Luke: Fair Island sweater by Jean Bourget $94, Plaid long sleeve shirt by Mayoral $37, Henley by Wheat $22

On Abby: Black tulle Polka Dot skirt by Eliane&Lena $58, Graphic tee with tulle by Eliane&Lena $36

On Amanda: Mia dress by Olive, Italy $52, Fur Vest by Mayoral $52      

On Henry:   Pork Pie Hat by Fore $32, Oxford shirt by Andy and Evan $48, Blazer By Jean Bourget $65 

On Anya: Mod floral dress by Kate Mack $74, Leggings by Ragdoll $28

On Sinead: Mod Dress by Biscotti $68        

On Luke: Cloth heathered coat By Mayoral $74, Houndstooth trouser by Jean Bourget $82, Striped Scarf/hat set by Mayoral $30  

On Abby: Yellow knit bow sweater by Jean Bourget $88  

On Rhys: Tia shirt in pink by Raspberry Plum London $39, Petula trousers By Raspberry Plum London $5, Pip the bunny by Mamas&Pappas London $28

On Amanda: Mia dress by Raspberry Plum London $52 

On Anya: Denim Jacket and Scarf by Creamie $79/$32  

Models: Sinead Mulligan of South Boston, From Model Club: Henry, Amanda, Luke, Rhys, Anya and Abby.  All clothing from Bringing Up Baby in South Boston