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Don’t take my word for it, but I think it’s spring.  I think we suffered through a very Marchy first half of May, and spring weather is officially here.  In the interest of full disclosure it’s rainy and 50 degrees, but I think it’s supposed be in the 60s tomorrow on out.  So yes, spring has finally sprung, and do you know what that means?  We can bust out our spring/summer wardrobe.  More in the interest of full disclosure, I took out my spring clothes back in March when we had those two warm days.  I jumped the gun and it’s my fault winter took so long to beat it, sorry.  If you’re like me, every year when you take out your warm weather clothes you decide you need a little refresh.  Maybe you need some new pieces because you’re in a foul mood and hate everything you own, maybe the Tupperware bins you store your stuff in shrunk some of your clothes, or maybe you’re just a grown ass woman who wants to spend some of her disposable income on herself, whatever it is, good for you.  Now what to buy?  You could search Pinterest and get flooded with ads and looks that barely match your search term (are we really calling thigh high boots and shorty shorts a “2017 spring fashion trend?).  Or you can listen to me…hey, where are you going?

Anyhoo, here are five spring trends to keep in mind when updating your wardrobe.

Statement Sleeves  Leave the statement necklaces to the Countess, statement sleeves are THE statement to make.  What exactly is a statement sleeve?  It’s a sleeve that takes on a bit of a less traditional, more exaggerated look.  Ruffled, boxy, extra long, bell-shaped, billowy, there are tons of options!  Disclaimer statement sleeves can be tricky to eat (those sleeves can get in the way) so just drink when you wear it, ok?

Gingham  Personally, there’s nothing that says “spring” quite like a pattern that reminds you of a picnic, right?  I don’t see gingham as having “come back” because for me it never left, but it’s a pretty big trend this spring.  This year gingham is ERRYWHERE, from traditional pieces like button downs to the slightly less traditional like crop tops and flares, to swimwear and accessories.

Mules  The shoes, not the animal.  You know what I like about a mule?  How easy they are to kick off when I come home to sit on my couch and watch Netflix.  I prefer a little heel so I can appear as tall as I claim to be, and an unexpected fabric like velvet or satin.

Cold Shoulder  Did you blow a bunch of money on cold shoulder tops and dresses over the last two years and worry you wouldn’t be able to wear them much longer?  Me too!  Well good for news for both of us, they’re still in!  Actually it’s like super good news because for most of us our shoulders/collarbone are one of our slimmest attributes.  If you really want to go wild try a single cold shoulder.

Robes  Hear me out on this one.  I’m not saying you should buy a robe just because I am a lazy slob who lives in her bathrobe and for pajama dressing, but I’m not not saying it.  I am very excited about the robe trend, well, because I love a bathrobe.  My suggestion is go with a fancier robe so it’s clear you are dressing with intention, not that you are wandering out of a group home.

When it comes to trends, or anything you wear, if you’re not comfortable in what you’re wearing you’re not going to look good.  If you’re fidgeting and pulling at sleeves or hemlines you’re going to look like someone who is uncomfortable in their own skin, which is never a good look.  If a piece of clothing doesn’t make you happy don’t buy it, or if you already own it get rid of it!

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