UPDATE: On Thursday, the Boston Licensing Board ordered Coquette on Summer Street to close down for two days for serving table of underaged patrons.

Original Post:

Universal Hub is reporting that the Boston Licensing Board heard a case of a surprise inspection at Coquette on Summer Street that found six underage patrons – including a 16-year-old – enjoying cocktails at their table last November.

The board will decide Thursday if the Omni Boston Hotel (which leases its liquor license to Coquette) will receive any punishment.

The manager and attorney for Coquette explained to the board that the server went rogue when not checking the table’s ids -which is restaurant policy.  The server – who initially lied about checking the ids – was fired on the spot.  And thanks to the incident, the entire staff had to undergo retraining for serving alcohol and checking identification.

Evidently, according to the under-21 crew at the table, Coquette is known on social media as one of THE hot spots for underage drinking in Boston for lack of carding patrons.

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  1. Kevin B Conroy March 29, 2023 at 7:02 am - Reply

    I’m impressed. A cocktail there is $17. I know times have changed since I was guzzling Schlitz GIQ’s down the bandstand, but this is something else!

  2. Elaine March 29, 2023 at 3:30 pm - Reply

    Went there a few weeks ago for birthday dinner, booked a month out. Stuck us at a crummy table next to a large party of very loud women, loud techno music playing,
    We may have been only people over 26.
    Nice atmosphere and service but the obnoxious music and crowd was not enjoyable

  3. I’m Waiting For The… March 30, 2023 at 5:32 pm - Reply

    …”Oh, yeah sure, it was fine when Triple O’s did it, though!!!” crowd to chime in…

    (…too soon?🥴)

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