Back in 2022, there was a very disturbing discovery of four infants inside a freezer in a home at the corner of N and East Broadway in South Boston. Well, that condo located at 838 East Broadway, Unit 3, is on the market.

According to an article on by one of our favorite local writers, Megan Johnson, the 620-square-foot unit is for sale for $499,000, which comparatively is inexpensive when it comes to real estate prices in the neighborhood.

According to court records related to the case, the death investigation “is complex and ongoing.” It also reveals that a potential suspect has been identified, and the remains of the infants have led to evidence in an “unrelated homicide” that has already gone to trial. So strange.  Evidently, as the investigation was happening, police unwittingly discovered information related to an unrelated homicide. 

Police have not publicly revealed the identities of the infants or their families. No arrests have been reported as part of the death investigation. Initially, prosecutors were hoping the death investigation would be completed in March – but it’s now almost May, and no criminal charges have been filed. 

Who knows if this unsolved mystery will ever be solved? But for now, the condo is on the market in a very sought-after neighborhood of City Point across from Medal of Honor Park.  We recommend maybe burning some sage if you decide to purchase it.

For the full listing with all the details you can visit here. 

For more details on the background of this case including the woman who owned the condo when the infants were discovered, visit here. 

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