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Deja Vou

Last weekend, someone destroyed the newly installed flex posts for a bike lane on the Broadway Bridge. They were reinstalled a few days later. Well, on Friday, they were once again destroyed.

What is going on? Is it one anti-bike lane vandal using a car to hit and knock them over? Is it a cyclist who would rather see a permanent structure installed and destroyed the lane, once again, to make it appear like it’s an anti-bike lane person?

With both incidences being less than a week apart, it’s too much of a coincidence to think a car accidently hit the lane. Maybe it’s just large trucks hitting them while traveling over the bridge? Whatever the situation, the lane will most likely be installed again next week.

Maybe there is a camera on the bridge that BPD, BTD and MassDOT can review.

Anyway, this reminds us of the Tree Butcher case a few years back which still remains unsolved to this day….



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