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The battle for Starbucks to open at the corner of L and Broadway is still in riot mode.  Online petitions, both for and against, have been circulating on social media in the hopes to gain enough signatures to support or stop the Seattle coffee chain from operating at 749 East Broadway.

The first Starbucks battle back in the spring ended with the Boston licensing board denying Starbucks a common victualler license.  But Starbucks is ready to fight and was granted another hearing for the CV license on August 17th at 10am at City Hall.

The space at 749 East Broadway has already been approved for zoning for a restaurant but needs this CV license to operate.  According the city’s website“Every food service establishment in the City of Boston with capabilities for cooking, preparing and serving food is required to have a Common Victualler License.”  

Another community meeting will be held on August 15th at the Tynan Community Center at 6:30pm.   (And we’d have to imagine it will be a doozy!)  Both sides of the argument are sure to be represented.

Team No Starbucks is afraid the giant chain my affect other mom and pop coffee shops in the neighborhood. Other reasons for opposition ranged from traffic, double parking and public safety.

“For me it really boils down to two main issues. The issue of public safety is first and foremost. The corner of L and East Broadway is already a traffic nightmare. Buses travel in 3 of the 4 directions. It is a major pedestrian crossing. Cars already double park for existing businesses.  Now, imagine if we add Starbucks to the mix? The second issue is how much small businesses support our community. When you have a fundraiser and need donations, it is through our small businesses.  Are we as a community willing to forgo safety and all of what small businesses offer for place that has a proven track record of giving little to nothing back to the community?” says Southie resident Julie Galgay.

As for Team Pro Starbucks, supporters believe the coffee chain has every right to open a business in the community and that the neighborhood needs a coffee shop that is open later.

“The City Point neighborhood is sorely lacking a cafe with extended hours and WiFi where individuals and families alike can work and relax. Starbucks is an established, well-respected brand would provide a great alternative to the many bars already in the area. The space is already zoned for a restaurant so it is unreasonable that a CV license be denied. I support small businesses and free enterprise and believe that there is room enough for all businesses,” says Ryan Miller, Southie resident.

Another community meeting will be held on August 15th at the Tynan Community Center at 6:30pm.   (And we’d have to imagine it will be a doozy!)Whether you’re for or against Starbucks, you’re encouraged to attend and have your voice heard.

We will be live tweeting during the meeting so make sure to follow us on Twitter.


  1. EDDIE BUTLER August 13, 2016 at 4:19 pm - Reply

    MICHAEL NORTON is a lifelong resident of South Boston born and raised in quite sure that he would b more than happy to donate to fundraisers sponsor soccer baseball popwarner etc. As well as the other small business owners.. I’d b interested if Boston Bagel has sponsored anyone .

  2. Eric Kozlowski August 15, 2016 at 10:43 pm - Reply

    Do you want L & Broadway to be the caffeine equivalent of the methadone mile ? We need a Starbucks. Let’s face it Dunkin Donuts coffee is made from bourgeois beans. Boston Bagel is for carbohydrate freaks and cream cheese addicts. Southie needs the refinement of a Starbucks.
    Starbucks is where the “better people” congretgate for coffee. Also it’s good place gather for hot chicks you meet on Tinder.

    Granted, Michael Norton never passed the basketball as a kid. He also constantly palmed the basketball. But Starbucks is no turnover & even without his brother Peter as the referee he should win this one by a slam dunk. ( no he couldn’t do that either) I cast my vote for Michael Norton and Starbucks ! Coffee not Condos !

  3. Marjorie August 16, 2016 at 2:26 pm - Reply

    Eric , I would like to know who you are classifying as the Better People! Also, were you born and raised in Southie! I was born and raised in South Boston!

    • Eric Kozlowski August 17, 2016 at 11:33 pm - Reply

      “The Better People” are those with a discerning palate who recognize the superior caffeinated products produced by Starbucks. Check Starbucks national “share of wallet” market share of coffee. Enough said.

      The whereabouts of my upbringing is irrelevant to this debate so I won’t justify your colloquial questioning with a response. Michael Norton is a Southi e native seeking to overcome a mediocre teen age basketball career with superior adult business acumen. Celebrate Mixhael’s success and I’ll meet you at Starbucks for a low foam, skim milk, decaffenated vanilla latte. ( on me)

      Join me in my “Coffee over Condos” political movement !

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