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Starbucks is one step closer to opening at the coveted spot at L and Broadway in Southie.  The first Starbucks battle back in the spring ended with the Boston licensing board denying Starbucks a common victualler license.  But Starbucks was granted another hearing for the CV license which took place on Wednesday.

The space at 749 East Broadway has already been approved for zoning for a restaurant but needs this CV license to operate.  According the city’s website“Every food service establishment in the City of Boston with capabilities for cooking, preparing and serving food is required to have a Common Victualler License.”  

On Monday, a community meeting was held and of the 100 plus crowd in attendance a majority seemed to be in favor of Starbucks opening most stating it would be a welcomed addition to the neighborhood.  Those in opposition voiced concerns that the coffee chain may affect other mom and pop coffee shops in the neighborhood. Other reasons for opposition ranged from traffic, trash, double parking and public safety.

Many of the same proponents and opponents of Starbucks showed up at the hearing at City Hall on Wednesday morning to have their voices heard.

Surprises of the hearing?  City Councilor Michael Flaherty – who was originally against the first go around – showed his support stating he received numerous emails and phone calls from Team Pro Starbucks.  City Councilor Bill Linehan – also showed his support.

The mayor’s office is still against it.  And City Councilor Michelle Wu and State Senator Linda Dorcena Forry – who voiced opposition back in the spring – were silent  at the hearing.

The licensing board will vote on its decision later this week.  Stay tuned. 


  1. Anonymous August 17, 2016 at 10:08 pm - Reply

    Perhaps if Michael Flaherty and Bill Linehan lived and owned in the area like it do, they’d be against it. Seems these councilors are forgetting about long life residents who choose to stay here instead of moving out. They appear to be giving in to the millieums who have no respect for the neighborhood.

    The millieums feel they spend so much money to live here they can do whatever they want. They have no respect when it comes to parking and noise level went they’re on the decks until all hours of the night, drinking or playing beer bong inside their homes or in their back yards, just to name a few. (I’m inside my home right now and I can clearly hear people inside the townhouse across from Msgr. Powers apartments talking as if nobody else lived in the neighborhood cursing and swearing.)

    How many more over priced establishment that millieums are willing to pay with a swipe of a card (do any of them know what cash is) does South Boston need? And FYI when cards are used over cash, workers don’t get tips. I know first hand.

    If Flaherty and Linehan are trying to get life long residents to more out of South Boston they’re doing a good job. They seem to be forgetting these life long residents supported them in their political careers. (Makes you wonder what Flaherty was offered in place of supporting Starbucks.)

    Patience is wearing thin. Politicians trying to put a 3rd coffee stop, a highly overpriced one for that matter, in less than a 1/2 block area on heavily traffic traveled L St where customers are constantly double parking to get coffee and burgers as it is, is ridiculois. Starbucks and Michael Norton have been rejected in the past and it’s time for Starbucks and Michael Norton move on.

    • Maureen Dahill August 18, 2016 at 12:21 am - Reply

      I am always very suspect of anyone who decides to chose to comment anonymously. Bill Linehan and Michael Flaherty do live in the neighborhood. The millennials are also part of the neighborhood – whether you like it or not. Also, a reminder, Michael Norton is also a lifelong resident along with many other lifelong residents that support the Starbucks. Also, there has always double parking in Southie.

      • M. D. August 18, 2016 at 11:37 am - Reply

        I live a block away in a home I own. I didn’t leave my name because of councilors’ family members living in the area. I know the millieums are part of the neighborhood and not all are bad. Some act as if it’s a privilege to have them live here instead of being part of the community, especially the ones who rent and party as if they’re in a college frat house. They have no respect for the community and forget they are living in a family neighborhood.

        I’d like to know where these life long residents supporters live. I’m thinking not close enough where they’re not parking blocks away only to find when walking home to spots open because on double parkers blocked an open spot to grab a burger or coffee.

        As for Michael Norton, I know he’s a life long resident. When he was developing the building it was for a restaurant which everyone thought would contribute to the neighborhood. Just because Michael is a life long resident doesn’t give him a pass to have Starbucks rent from him.

        • Maureen Dahill August 18, 2016 at 11:53 am - Reply

          I know that Michael Norton tried to get a liquor license numerous times and was rejected. You can’t open a profitable restaurant without a liquor license. There were a few restaurants interested but the neighborhood was against everything that was proposed. So what do you expect Norton to do? Leave it vacant? Many people who support Starbucks are direct abutters to the property and are home owners too. Again, there is double parking everywhere in Southie. It’s part of the culture. Did you go to any of the meetings?

          • Eric kozlowski August 21, 2016 at 10:53 pm

            Maureen is the Margaret Thatcher of SoBo. Unwilling to let the NIMBYs(not in my back yard) crowd to keep a progressive agenda from moving forward. How did the anonymous responders get off the Trump Train long enough to notice Starbucks is about to become reality. This isn’t radio free Europe or the Politburo, you need not fear for your life because you opine on a coffee shop & live near relatives of a City Councillor. Young professionals will flock to Starbucks for great coffee, free WiFi and comfortable chairs. The majority of people in will walk. Michael Norton should not be vilified because he’s a successful entrepreneur. Norton cares deeply about the community he’s resided in all his life. Anonymous, please come out of the coffee closet & join your neighbors at the grand opening of Starbucks/City point.

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