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Thanks for having Southie’s back!  In Thursday’s edition of the  Boston Herald, City Councilor at-Large and Southie resident Michael Flaherty warned the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) to knock it off when it comes to making insider deals for former Mayor Menino’s buddies.  In particular, Flaherty called out a “deal” for Parcel R which is located in Southie’s booming waterfront.

On Tuesday at a BRA budget hearing,  Flaherty stated that “direct designation” – the practice of hand picking city-owned sites and awarding them to developers without proposals from additional developers needs to stop.  “We need to make a commitment here and now to get out of the direct designation business, or we are going to have problem.”

We all know development is happening at a fast and furious pace.  It’s good to know that someone’s watching. 

To read the full article visit: http://bostonherald.com/business/real_estate/2014/05/ban_bra_insider_deals

Image: Boston Herald

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  1. Anonymous May 8, 2014 at 10:53 pm
    But Mike should have been elected Mayor of Boston.

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