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Be aware of your surroundings, Southie!  On Wednesday night around 10:15pm on West Second between E and F.  Here’s an eye witness account:

“I heard a woman screaming on West 2nd Street between E & F last night around 10:15. We went outside and she was yelling to a man running up the street who had grabbed her pocketbook and ran towards F Street. The police were called and went looking for him. His description was a white male around 30 years old, wearing a hoodie and smoking a cigarette. If anyone finds her discarded purse please notify the police at C6. I have reported this information to the police.”

So be aware!  And if you see something, say something! 


  1. West side Chuck October 6, 2017 at 6:41 pm - Reply

    I would check in the doorway of the abandoned building next to Family Dollar on West Broadway by Dot St. Thats where all of the unsavory characters have been hanging out when they aren’t using it as a toilet.

    • Typical Millennnnnnnnial October 10, 2017 at 10:35 am - Reply

      If only this city wasn’t so blue, maybe they would take those creatures away somewhere. But just take my tax dollars & give them a monthly check while they piss on my doorstep…really love that.

  2. Ken October 17, 2017 at 11:42 am - Reply

    Things like that never happened back in the days when Southie was Southie and everyone knew each other. We all looked out for one another and helped each other. And we all knew each other as well. Unlike today, none of these yuppies know who their neighbors are because they are not in their homes long enough to get to know each other.
    Give me the old Southie any day.

  3. Ken October 17, 2017 at 11:46 am - Reply

    Here’s a poem that kind of relates to that.

    >> “When Southie Was Southie”
    >> What happened to the town with the monument on the
    >> hill. Where everyone knew each other and time stood
    >> still. Remembering Southie back in the day Where
    >> people would shop and children would play. Growing up
    >> with your friends and walking to school. When close
    >> friendships and loyalty was the golden rule. Remembering
    >> Carson Beach on the 4th of July. Where neighbors and
    >> friends would see fireworks fly. Gathering on the front
    >> door steps on a hot summers night. Was a thing everyone
    >> did when the neighborhood was tight. The beaches were
    >> packed with summertime fun. Back when families and
    >> friends met in the sun. We had neighborhood stores like
    >> Pobers, Robells, and Sands
    >> Where the community worked and people shook
    >> hands. Whether you lived up the point or down the west
    >> end. If someone was in need, a hand you would lend.
    >> Remember Brighams and Mary Ann’s where people
    >> would meet. Just to talk to old friends and get
    >> something to eat. Southie on St. Paddy’s Day was
    >> the place to be . The green beer and Irish bands were
    >> something to see. Little league and Babe Ruth down
    >> Columbia park they would play. Watched by father’s
    >> and mother’s not forgotten to this day. Gorins,
    >> Slocums,and Woolworth’s I remember. And the Car
    >> Stop that closed down one November. Pimple ball and
    >> half ball were played until dark. And spuckies from
    >> Dirty John’s across from the park. At our own
    >> parish church on Sunday we would pray. For
    >> family, friends and neighbors our town by the bay.
    >> Going down Castle Island with your parents for a
    >> stroll . And stopping at Sullivans for a hot dog on a
    >> roll.
    >> To all of you who remember and those who never will.
    >> Our old Southie is gone with only memories to fill.
    >> Throughout those wonder years the ties were well sewn. And to
    >> the outsiders now it will never be
    >> known…….

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