What the heck was going on this weekend?

We’re not sure if it’s the impending full moon or maybe it was the heat that caused a series of unfortunate events this weekend in the neighborhood.  From shootings and stabbings to drunk and disorderly conduct, here is a capsule of what went on via the C6-C11 Scanner on twitter. 

On Friday night, a 19-year -old male was shot on Day Blvd around 10:45pm.  You can read about it here. Later, early on Saturday morning around 1:30am BPD responded to call for a triple stabbing at the Speedway Gas Station on Old Colony Ave. 

Then there is a potpourri of police calls that came in ranging from public urination to people walking around with a gun and butcher knife in the neighborhood:


Brace yourself, Southie.  We think it’s gonna be a long summer.


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