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If you’re in the Fort Point or Seaport neighborhoods of South Boston, you’re not losing your mind.  There’s no one driving that car next to you in traffic!  nuTonomy Inc. has been given the green to expand the testing of self-driving cars in South Boston this week.  According to The Boston Globe, nuTonomy  would like to challenge the cars to more complex roadways including  traffic lights,tough intersections, roads with multiple traffic lanes, bridges, and even a rotary.

The self-driving cars have completed over 230 miles of testing in the Ray Flynn Marine Park over the past few months and will complete an additional 200 miles of testing in Fort Point and Seaport during the day and in good weather before it can test at night and in the rain. There will also be person in the car, just in case all hell breaks loose.  

While in Southie, these self-driving cars will also be programmed to double park, bang a U-y and drive to the packie to pick up a twelve-pack. 

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