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The state of the city is strong! 

On Wednesday night, Mayor Michelle Wu spoke at the MGM Music Hall to give her State of the City Address.  Here are some takeaways and highlights below.  If you missed it, you can watch it here or read a transcript.

Goodbye BPDA

Expect a complete overhaul of The Boston Planning and Development Agency. In the next few years, Wu plans on shifting the BPDA employees to a new city department for planning and design and bringing it under City Council oversight.  The Globe has the details here. 

The T

Mayor Wu would like to reduce the commuter rail fairs to $2.40.  She would like to see city representation on the MBTA Board of Directors. 

It’s not easy being green

Mayor Wu is a huge proponent of becoming greener.  She wants to meet climate goals and end fossil fuels. She plans on initiating an Executive Order requiring all new city construction and major renovations to be entirely fossil-fuel free. 

Affordable Housing is a priority 

This a lofty goal but Mayor Wu wants Boston to become more affordable. “We’ve analyzed every square foot of City-owned property and identified several parcels that could generate thousands of affordable housing units. We also have 150 vacant lots in our neighborhoods ready for housing. Local builders: work with us to design high-quality, affordable homes that enhance the surrounding neighborhood, and we’ll give you the land for free.”

Rent Control – She plans to send the City Council a rent stabilization proposal in the coming weeks to “end rent gouging.” You can get more details here. 

2% Real Estate Tax – Mayor Wu plans on introducing a 2% tax on real estate transactions that are more than $2 million, which could generate ~$100 million annually to create more affordable housing options, some of which could be built on public land.

Investing in our Future

“Last spring, to prepare our students for tomorrow’s opportunities, we announced new early college and innovation pathways at five high schools across BPS where young people get real work experience and take college-level courses in fields like finance, health care, and biotech. Tonight, I am announcing that—in partnership with UMass Boston—we’ll build on that foundation by piloting a Year 13 program at Fenway High School. This will give our students an additional full year of college-level courses debt-free as they transition to college and accelerate toward a degree.” 

If you missed it, you can watch it here!



  1. The Self-Serving, Self-Dealing… January 26, 2023 at 2:18 pm - Reply

    …trained seals that filled that room for this carpet-bagging blow-in are, indeed, part of the problem. My God how pathetic was all that feigned applause? And for…what?, exactly? For a deranged teenager who sees “White” people as nothing but “problems”? Who, a mere HOURS after a child was STABBED in a fight at BLA….just glossed over the ENTIRE school conversation with a “…we’ll talk about that next year…haw, haw, haw!”

    Well, I’m glad somebody sees humor in any of this. Because I sure don’t.

    Last one out, get the lights.

  2. David Connolly January 26, 2023 at 7:37 pm - Reply

    We need resident parking in the whole neighborhood you grew up in young lady. I live on Fourth Street between K and L. On any night there are six, seven, eight out of state cars or cars which do not have resident stickers, some of them like my neighbors at 699 have been here over a year. Out behind me, on Emerson Street , on some nights half the xars have no resident stickers. What are we paying BTD for?

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