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There’s an election coming up on Tuesday, September 9th.  One of the people you will be voting for will be Suffolk County Sheriff.  There are three candidates for this position: Current Sheriff Steve Tompkins, Doug Bennett and Jeremiah Goodwin.  Here’s a little Q&A session with Goodwin:

Why do you want to become sheriff?

The Sheriffs Department, which operates our correctional facilities in the county has become a political post to the detriment of the department and our county residents.  The Sheriffs Department lacks law enforcement management at the expense of those working at the department and the families of those who are detained. Our families need to know their loved ones and officers are safe. The recommendations of the Stern Commission have been ignored and our community deserves better.  It is time to return an experienced law enforcement officer to the position of Suffolk County Sheriff.  We need to depoliticize the Sheriffs Department and change the hiring practices at the Sheriff’s Department to merit based, civil service hiring; not a place for political favors.  

What do you offer as candidate that the others don’t offer?

I am the only qualified candidate in this race.  I offer thirty years of law enforcement experience,military experience, and a masters in law enforcement. More importantly I offer a lifetime of leadership skills and my lifelong residency in Suffolk County focused on community outreach.  I am the only candidate in this race with law enforcement experience, the only Military Veteran, the only candidate with a Criminal Justice education, the only candidate who has worked as a correctional officer.  As a union man I understand the need to negotiate in good faith with the unions.  As a police officer I understand the need to focus on community out reach (We cannot arrest our way out of a drug problem) and strengthening inmate rehabilitation programs.  

Favorite spot in South Boston?

I love Castle Island on a nice day with my family. Partly for the beautiful view but mostly for a hot dog at Sullivan’s.      

Name something that people would be surprised to learn about you? i.e. interesting hobbies, talents, etc

I am an avid environmentalist and natural historian.  I am proud to be from a family that has continually fought for civil rights.  My mother broke the gender barrier and became the first women member of the Longshoremen’s Union.  

Favorite book:

The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins

Favorite movie:

Once Upon a Time in America

The primary election takes place on Tuesday, September 9th.  Polls are open from 8am-8pm.  For more information on where you can vote visit: http://www.cityofboston.gov/elections/upcoming.asp

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