BREAKING NEWS! NESN confirmed that world-famous Irish MMA fighter Conor McGregor will be participating in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade tomorrow! McGregor also dropped the puck at the Bruins game tonight. 

Earlier, he marched in Chicago’s parade today, saying“Leading the charge for the St. Patrick’s day Parade here in the great city of Chicago!…I am one proud Irishman today, and everyday [sic], thank you all so much!” 

Special guests often ride or walk towards the front of the Southie parade, so be on the lookout—as a reminder, the parade departs the West Broadway T stop right at 1 p.m and will be completing the full 3.6 mile route to Andrew Station. This is just the latest big news to come out of the 2019 parade evolution designed to make the event maximally safe, fun, and reflective of South Boston. Here’s your complete guide to the parade, route, and everything else going on that day.  

Image via Conor McGregor Instagram

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