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Anyone who depends on the MBTA to commute knows that the MBTA is struggling right now. After several derailments plus slow and unreliable service, the MBTA is considering trying something aggressive and bold to get the system back on track quickly.

So what does that mean? Well, according to the Boston Globe, core sections of the Orange Line, Red Line and Green Line will be potentially shut down weekends in the fall.

Part of the system would be shut down every weekend from September 7 through the end of the year, except over Thanksgiving.

The plan’s breakdown:

Eight Orange Line stations from Tufts Medical Center to Sullivan Square will close for six straight weekends in October and early November.

After the Orange Line, six Red Line stations from Broadway to Kendall Square — including South Station — will close for four weekends in late November and early December.

For the Green Line, 30 intersections and 7,000 feet of track will also be upgraded on the B and C branches. Weekend shutdowns on the B branch are scheduled for Sept. 7-8, Nov. 2-3, and Nov. 23-24, in addition B line riders will have to take the C line the weekend of Oct. 26-27.

On Monday, MBTA officials will present this plan to the fiscal and management control board at a T board meeting.

In Red Line repair news, here’s what to expect next

MBTA and contractor personnel continue their efforts on restoring the signal system where the manual operation is currently: between JFK/UMass and Fields Corner on the Ashmont branch and between JFK/UMass and an area of the track near Tenean Beach on the Braintree branch. As previously announced, repair work specific to these final areas is expected to last through October with incremental improvements before then continuing.

MBTA and Red Line Investments

The $8 billion that the MBTA plans to spend over the next five years is the most in any five-year period ever—and this funding will have tangible results and provide a more reliable ride for our customers.

The MBTA is investing nearly $2 billion in the Red and Orange Line improvement program, which will completely replace the cars, replace the signal systems, and upgrade track and maintenance facilities for both lines.

The MBTA is investing $350 million on the signal systems and $470 million for track and maintenance facility upgrades.

The MBTA is working to deliver 252 new Red Line cars and expects the first Red Line pilot car to be delivered later this summer.

The MBTA has also made a number of investments along the Red Line since 2015 including replacing third rail, replacing track, and signal work.

For more information, please visit www.mbta.com/RedLineRepairs and connect with the T on Twitter @MBTA.

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