Earlier this month, the Andrew Square Civic Association organized a Town Hall-style meeting with the MBTA to address Andrew Square Station –  specifically relating to a safe and secure rider experience.  The meeting is coming up next week.

As part of this meeting, the ASCA submitted a list of questions to the MBTA to highlight areas of concern and set the stage for a meaningful discussion.  Here are the MBTA’s answers to the submitted questions:

What cameras/call buttons/opportunities to contact the police and MBTA personnel are available at the Andrew Station T? 

The MBTA encourages our riders to report any incidents that they may see. Please call the customer support line at 617-222-3200 or send in an electronic comment via mbta.com/customer-support. If the incident should demand the attention of the Transit Police, then we encourage riders to download the See Say application, which is available for iPhone and Android users, to report incidents to the Transit Police. 

This application puts you directly in contact with the police (24/7) and allows you to remain anonymous if you prefer. There are also 12 call buttons throughout the station that connect with Transit Police and our Operations Control Center. Transit Police can also be reached at 617-222-1212. The Transit Police are at the station throughout service hours as needed and scheduled.  Finally, the Transit Ambassadors are also located at the station as scheduled to assist the riders.

 Are ALL of the abovementioned communication/security devices in operating order? Please confirm yes or no, and if no, please provide the location of all non-operational devices along with a plan and date for resolution.

 All cameras and call buttons are operational to our knowledge.

 Is someone at the MBTA actively monitoring camera content at all times the T is in operation?

 Yes, Transit Police monitors the public safety cameras 24/7 to ensure safety for our riders.

 When can we expect MBTA Police Officers to be on site at the Andrew Station T? Could you submit a schedule and number of units/officers?

 Transit Police dedicates substantial resources to Andrew T Station based on a comprehensive analysis of reported crimes, Boston Public School dismissal times and other intelligence that we gather from our law enforcement matters. As a matter of operational sensitivity, we do not release the schedule, times and number of officers located at any station for security reasons.

 Where will MBTA Police Officers be posted? Will any officers be patrolling the platform?

The officers will conduct directed patrols at which they would check the entire station that includes platforms. Furthermore, Transit Police utilize a variety of strategies to ensure public safety. One of the strategies Transit Police utilizes is predictive policing which is the utilization of various data that can guide the deployment of officers and identify areas where crime is more likely to occur. 

Given the limited resources of the department and the vast jurisdiction of transit police, it is difficult for TPD to be located at every station for patrol throughout the service day. However, given the unique proximity of Andrew station to TPD headquarters, the community can expect a rapid response in case of emergency.

There is a crowd control issue with rowdy passengers taking the bus and train during certain hours, can the MBTA respond with a plan for providing a safe, accessible, and clear path for all riders to enter Andrew Station?

 Can you please provide further clarification on this issue? We will need more details including dates and times to better answer this question. The MBTA is happy to provide follow up to this question and would like to gain a better understanding. 

Lastly, how do you plan to improve upon the enforcement of the law in and around the T?  What type of crimes would trigger an arrest?

 The Transit Police are ardent practitioners of Community Policing standards that are set forth by the community. We work closely with our local police partners to ensure safety.

You are invited to join Monday, June 27th at 6:30pm (in person or virtually) as MBTA leadership is expected to attend, address concerns and be available for Q&A.

In person attendance: Washington Village, 240 Old Colony Ave, Boston, MA 02127 (Corner of Old Colony Ave and Dorchester Street).

Virtual attendance: Zoom meeting link will be available via www.asca.news

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