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I’m voting for…

With just two days until election day, we have received numerous letters of support for political candidates from residents of South Boston.  We will feature these letters in the hopes it will help the undecided voters make a decision.  If you would like to share your support for your candidate, you can email us at [email protected].

Our next letter in this series is in support of Marty Walsh for Mayor of Boston.

Dear Editor,

My name is Sean Barrett. I am a 28 year old resident of South Boston and I am voting for Marty Walsh.

I attended Boston public schools throughout my childhood and graduated from Boston Latin Academy in 2003.  In my junior year, I started the process of enlisting in the United States Air Force through the delayed entry program. My guidance counselor advised that I was making a mistake, and that college is the answer for everybody. However, I knew in my heart, that college wasn’t the answer for me at that time in my life.  

Today, I am an Air Force veteran, a Boston Firefighter, a devoted husband, a father of two children, and a homeowner. I work hard every day to provide for my family with hard fought union wages and at 28, I am finally working on a college degree with the help of the Post 9/11 GI Bill.

My point is, “union” is not a dirty word. There are many pathways to the middle class. And everyone who is willing to put in a day’s work deserves to earn a fair wage in safe conditions. It is disappointing to see working men and women portrayed as thugs and used against a good man who wants to be Mayor of Boston.

When I hear attacks on working families, it makes me think of my father-in-law—a man who grew up in the Charlestown projects. As a young man, he was accepted into the electricians program at Charlestown High.  Upon graduation he entered the IBEW apprenticeship program, and started his career as a union electrician. If not for that electrician program, he may not have ever left the projects and I may have never had met his beautiful daughter.

I am voting for Marty Walsh because he is the hardest working man in this race who understands the struggles of working families and works to make their lives better.

Thank you,

Sean Barrett

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  1. Thomas Lyons November 4, 2013 at 3:41 pm

    One only need to listen closely to what Conolly says to know that he is meerely another in a long line of detached republican minded thinkers who do not understand the small business sectors nor the common families that struggle to not only provide for their family but to make their mark in this world. Everyone has to eat and pay bills. Conolly’s polished rhetoric is scripted from the republican playbook. Here;s how it works:    #1) use innuendos and snippets of truth and create a deceptive tale about the other candidate and sprinkle in a couple nuggets of truth to sell it to the masses and then seperate yourself from it by acting like you really don’t want to comment but okay maybe just a few words about it ..  #2) talk about whats wrong about the city, state, country etc…, and state the obvious such as ” We need a strong city that fights for ….. then use someones name who actually did something noteworthy like ” And I believe in a strong Boston that cares about people like Mrs Sandra jones who helped save an elderly man from certain death bla bla bla and then introduce the crowd to Mrs Jones. The crowd will usually connect Mrs Jones;s herotic act with the candidate introducing her because he is the one who initiated this feel good story and subsequently it emits a false perception that the Candidate is likeminded with Mrs jone’s charactor. This pscyho babble has been used by the Republican party and others for decades. #3) Claim credit for everything good. Conolly claims credit for turning around an ailing school in his district. What he fails to touch on is that it was other talented people and an increase in state funds that did the job, Not Conolly. Conolly was a grade school teacher not a college professor nor a life coach. Why would the right winged Republican party and their affiliates spend hoards of money to inculcate us with anti Marty ads and ads promoting Conolly? His pals are the same Republican lawyers and politicians that are the cause of the majority of woes because of their greed and disregard for fairness. They are the modern day publicans who stymie and trammell every effort of honest peolple who threaten their profit margin. Conolly is inexperienced and is being handled and advised by his financial backers. Marty Walsh on the other hand has been down and out and has fought harder than anyone on the hill for small busiess and common people and for fair business practices against  slick Republican lawyers who circumvent laws to delay delay delay anything they collectively don;t want. Marty is a humble grateful and inclusive man who is perspicaious and thus able to quickly assess the in’s and out’s of problems and issues. We need Marty Walsh as our Mayor. We Don;t need another Republican lawyer running as a Democrat . Don;t be fooled again. Vote for Marty Walsh tomorrow




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