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I’m voting for….

With less than a week away until election day, we have received numerous letters of support for political candidates from residents of South Boston.  We will feature these letters in the hopes it will help the undecided voters make a decision.  If you would like to share your support for your candidate, you can email us at [email protected].

Our next letter in this series is in support of Bill Linehan, City Councilor, District 2

Dear Editor,

I am voting for Bill Linehan for City Council on Election Day. As a person born and raised in South Boston, a mother who is raising her family in South Boston, a teacher in the Boston Public Schools and as a leader of the Perry K-8 School’s P.T.A., I know that Bill Linehan will continue to support our families and our neighborhood values throughout this time of great change in our city. 

First and foremost, he has an incredible amount of experience working with his constituents and listening to the voices of our neighborhood. Bill Linehan can “get the job” done.  Last year, due to a budget crunch, the Perry’s School’s library was going to be closed and the librarian with many years of experience at the school was going to lose her job. As parents, we were outraged. We asked each other: How could one of the most valuable parts of our school’s learning environment be quickly taken away? How can we let our voices be heard? We called upon Bill Linehan and he organized a meeting of parents and faculty from the school to discuss our concerns. Soon after, we happily received news that the library would stay open. It was clear to all of us parents that calling Linehan was the right call to make.

Secondly, Bill Linehan received the endorsement of the Boston Teacher’s Union. We, teachers, support him because his voting record shows that he supports our work in the classrooms everyday with students.  He has shown a great commitment to hearing the voices of teacher’s concerns and working with teachers and families together to make the neighborhood schools the best they can be. Public education and increasing the quality of schools in our neighborhoods is one of his top priorities and I have witnessed this passion first hand.

Lastly, we need Bill Linehan to continue to maintain the family values and cooperative culture of “taking care of each other” in which we were raised and what now attracts so many new families to raise their children here in South Boston.  Linehan represents what South Boston is today- a person that understands the values and traditions of our neighborhood, while still promoting much needed progress and change.

I am excited about moving forward with Bill Linehan, and I urge the people, old and new, to join me in voting for Linehan on November 5th.

Very Truly Yours,

Courtney Dahill- Sheppeck