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I’m voting for….

With less than two weeks away until election day, we have received numerous letters of support for political candidates from residents of South Boston.  We will feature these letters in the hopes it will help the undecided voters make a decision.  If you would like to share your support for your candidate, you can email us at [email protected] Our next letter in this series is in support of John Connolly, candidate for mayor of Boston.

On Saturday morning while handing out John Connolly literature to potential voters outside Stop and Shop (or Flanagan’s if you will) a man approached me and asked, “Why are you voting for Connolly?”  Without hesitation my immediate response was, “because I have three children”.   It’s that simple.  Benjamin, Stella Mae, and Charlotte Dearden were the reason I agreed to meet with John shortly after he announced he was running to discuss my issues with Boston Public Schools and the inefficiencies in South Boston.  They are the reason I have continued to support his candidacy despite neighborhood pressure.   And they are the reason I will sacrifice any amount of spare time I have to help John get elected on November 5th. 

To be clear John’s vision for a transformation of Boston Public Schools is not the sole reason that he has my vote.       John’s intentions toward safer streets, cleaner parks and healthier neighborhoods are also important to me and my family.    I trust his experience within city government, taking part in balancing city budgets, and his vast knowledge of city services.   And I admire his intelligence and common sense.   I believe John has the courage to stand up to adversity and make tough decisions in the best interest of the citizens of Boston vs. the best interest of a specific group.  I know his leadership will build a better Boston for my children.   

I’m from a working class family.  I’m from a union employed family.   I’m from a fourth generation South Bostonian family and I’m for John Connolly.
Kristin Ivaska Dearden