The jerk store called…

The first blizzard of 2022 came and went the weekend of January 29th and left in its wake just shy of 24 inches of snow.  A Snow Emergency was ordered – which meant we could use a spot saver.  On Monday, January 30th, the Snow Emergency was lifted at 6am which meant you had 48 hours to use spot savers.  On Wednesday, February 2nd at 6am, spot savers were not allowed.

On Wednesday, February 9th, the above photo was sent to Caught in Southie taken on East Fourth Street.  Simply put, if you are using a spot save one week after the allotted time combined with a large amount of melting, then you are a jerk and not a very nice neighbor.

In addition to vandalism, mean notes, and heated arguments, still using a spot saver long after the time is up is how we will get space savers banned for good in the City of Boston.  Let’s try and be good neighbors during the most stressful season of living in Boston – winter.

That is the reason we have Unofficial Rules for Saving a Spot after a Snow Storm.

Without rules, there is chaos.


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