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man shot in Southie

The heat can make people do some crazy things.  On Tuesday afternoon, a man decided to open fire at two Boston police officers after being questioned about selling drugs in the neighborhood.  According to the Boston police, a call came in for a woman smoking crack near the Mary Ellen McCormack housing development.  The officers went to the area and cited the woman and got a description of the person who sold her the crack cocaine. 

Minutes later the officers found the man who fit the description at 375 Old Colony Ave.  When confronted by the police, the suspect ran and then fired three shots in their direction.  Police returned fire and shot the man in the chest.  The man was then rushed to Tufts Medical Center for treatment. 

Stay safe Southie!

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  1. Anonymous July 24, 2013 at 1:20 pm

    crazy things    how about reckless and illegal      he’s a drug dealer with an illegal firearm shooting at police officers in broad daylight in a congested area     would your writing be so cavilier  if a stray bullet killed and innocent victim      i don’t want my tax dollars to supplement his monthly rent      he and his family should be kicked out of the projects as is the housing rules     oh wait     he told the police he was homeless to protect his family from being evicted      another example of my tax dollars being well spent   

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