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To anyone who rides it, this news is not news.  According to many metrics, the Red Line is the worst line on the MBTA.  Plus, it was just announced the Red Line will shut down in October for 16 days. 

The Boston Globe is reporting that ridership is at less than half its pre-pandemic levels, around half as many trains come each day, and a trip from Braintree or Alewife — can take about as long as it would to drive. Good grief! 

According to Transit Matters, a public transit advocacy group, average speeds on the Red Line have fallen over the last month, following a brief recovery in July: now about 12.8 miles per hour in August, compared to 18.7 in January 2020. You can check out the data here. Last week, the MBTA scheduled an average of 127 Red Line trips each day and completed only 104 of them.  These facts have not gone unnoticed by Red Line Riders.

Ridership on the Red Line is on the decline. Commuters are opting to drive, bike or even walk.  Basically saying, “F this Red Line bullsh*t.”

There is some hope on the horizon, the Globe reports there is a good amount of work planned for the Ashmont Branch and more new Red Line cars are expected to be delivered in the fall.

To read all the details, visit here. 

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  1. mplo August 25, 2023 at 6:17 pm - Reply

    The state of the MBTA”s Red Line is really unfortunate, especially because the Red Line used to be pretty decent. It’s decline is rather sad, and if it’s not fixed fairly soon, it’s going to be a really bad trip for everybody, if one gets the drift.

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