Earlier this week, Boston Police released a community alert for a missing woman, Mary Sinnerty, 63, who was last seen around 2:15pm in the area of the Marian Manor on Tuesday.  Thankfully, Sinnerty was found around 11pm.  Her family was so grateful for the community’s and BPD’s response!  See note below!

Here’s a message from Mary’s family:

Mary was found and is currently safe. The community response was overwhelming, and we are so thankful. On behalf of our family we would like to send our appreciation and gratitude to the Boston Police Department, who worked tirelessly to help locate her. From the moment the Boston Police Department was notified, they put together an amazing and immediate response; every turn you took in Southie, there were police cruisers and officers trying to locate her. 

To our community, the response we received was truly heartwarming and a testament to the amazing city we live in.  Southie is a community like no other, from local businesses making their own flyers to neighbors helping to look for a “stranger,” even as the dark and cold crept in. 

To the Southie social media page and every person who shared her story, we thank you. The entire community was here to help in any way they could, and with such an amazing response, we were confident that she would be located! We are so thankful that Mary is able to enjoy the holiday with her loved ones, and that is a direct result of the efforts and hard work of all those involved in her search. We hope everyone has an amazing Christmas and a wonderful New Year; with Mary’s presence, we know our holiday season will be just a little brighter this year!!

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  1. Justyn Tyme December 28, 2023 at 6:50 pm - Reply

    So glad Mary is safe and alive; HATS OFF TO OUR PEOPLE IN BLUE!!!!!!!!! A Question: Where was the Staff?
    Aren’t the Exit Doors always locked and alarmed?

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