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Whitey Trial

Tuesday, was quite the exciting day at the trial of James “Whitey” Bulger.  Long-time Bulger side-kick, Kevin Weeks,57, took the stand to testify against the 83 year old gangster.  Weeks told the jury about numerous, horrific crimes that he and Whitey committed during the 1980’s including murder, extortion, and money laundering.

Whatever you do, don’t call Whitey a “rat”!
Whitey sat quietly during the details of the murders of Arthur “Bucky” Barrett, Deborah Hussey, and John McIntyre but a heated exchange erupted when Weeks was questioned by Bulger’s attorney J.W. Carney Jr. about his deal he made with prosecutors.  According to transcripts, it went down like this:

Carney: “You won against the system?
Weeks: “What did I win? What did I win?”
Carney: “You won five years.”
Weeks: “Five people are dead, five people are dead.”
Carney: “Does that bother you at all?”
Weeks: “Yeah it bothers me.”
Carney: “How does it bother you?”
Weeks: “Because we killed people that were rats and I had the two biggest rats right next to me. That’s why it …”
Bulger: “You suck.”
Weeks: “[Expletive] you, okay.”
Bulger: “[Expletive] you, too”
Weeks: “What do you want to do?
Judge Denise J. Casper: “Hey. Mr. Bulger. Mr. Bulger. Let your attorneys speak for you.
Mr. Weeks here’s how this works: You answer the questions, okay?
Mr. Carney, you can finish your questioning.”

After a day like this in court, we can’t believe this trial is not being televised! 
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