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Day Boulevard Meeting Recap and Traffic Study

On Wednesday night, more than 60 people attended a special public info meeting to discuss safety improvements to Day Boulevard.  The meeting was co-hosted by MassDOT and the DCR and the findings from a traffic study audit completed over the winter were revealed.  You can read it them here!  Highlights include formalizing parking on beach size, adding “bump-outs” at crosswalks, in addition to adding pedestrian traffic lights. 

The problem of Uber/Ride shares dropping off on Day Blvd. was also brought up.  It’s often hard for State Police to enforce as it only takes 10 to 20 seconds to drop off.  It is against the law to stop on beach-side of Day Blvd.  Possibility of extending parking down to G Street and making a drop off/pick up zone.

After highlights from study, meeting attendees and broke off to workshop ideas for improvement to the busy boulevard broken up into sections like G to L, L to Farragut etc.

Deadline for comments is 8/15/18 and can be sent to Jeff Dietrich @ or 617-482-7080 x220

Another meeting will be held in early September. 

City Councilor Ed Flynn was in attendance as well as Sam Bennett from City Councilor Michael Flaherty’s office, Maureen Kilcommons from State Senator Nick Collins’ office and Nick Zaferakis from Congressman Stephen Lynch’s office.  

Side note: There was also talk of making M Street Beach a “no bikini or speedo” zone to curb cars rear-ending into each other.  (Just kidding! ; )

Special thank you to Amanda and Danny Nee for being our “boots on the ground” for this community meeting! 

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  1. Eleanor says

    Although I am very happy this study was done, I wish they had done it in the summer months to capture the crazy amounts of vehicles that come down into that area.

  2. Oldtimesouthie says

    24/7 RESIDENT PARKING..ONE WAY STREETS..would put A dent in this craziness..

  3. Southie says

    I could not make the meeting. Was there any mention of preventing Uber/Lift drivers from stopping on the Blvd to let people out at the beach? I’ve noticed that there have been some close calls when drivers stop in the middle of the road to drop off or pick up beach goers.

    • mplo says

      Is it possible for a certain number of spaces to be reserved for Lyft and Uber drivers who let people off at the beach or pick them afterwards? Just curious.

  4. Pam Simpson says

    Enforce the crosswalks. I stop for the pedestians at every cross walk whereas other cars fly past me almost hitting the pedestrians. Im alao a pedestrian who tries to use the crosswalks but can never get a car to stop for me to cross.

  5. Frank Taverna says

    They should probably do a study on people using handicap plaque it’s when I can park and they fake having a disability why don’t you guys crack down on that instead of worrying about traffic on day Boulevard

  6. Virginia Kropas says

    Thanks for providing this info. I’ll be sending thoughts on use of Day Blvd. for #11: Yes, but…. And also left turns at O and P where their are lights: Why not?