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Jeff Ross

Long-time community activist Jeff Ross spoke this weekend at a house party on Verona St. in Jamaica Plain about the importance of city-wide investment in local urban agriculture initiatives and the promotion of open space across the city. Ross noted in his talk that as a City-Councilor, he would strongly encourage neighborhood driven processes that are focused on community-building while also advancing sustainable environmental practices.

“As a member of the West Springfield Community Garden Club, I have experienced first-hand the unique power of community-driven urban agriculture projects. These gardens engage community members, build cooperation within neighborhoods, and boost community pride,” said Jeff. “As a City-Councilor, I will support community efforts to create more open spaces and access to urban agriculture.”

Jeff serves as the Social Chair of his local West Springfield Community Garden Club on West Springfield Street and draws on this experience when talking about the importance of community gardens in promoting sustainable neighborhood renewal and stabilization efforts. Boston has nearly 200 community gardens city-wide, and Jeff points to this as an example of successful urban agriculture that not only provides inexpensive, nutritious food, but also sparks community engagement and cooperation. Jeff believes in urban agriculture to promote self-sufficiency, sustainable productivity, and community pride.

As a City-Councilor, Jeff would promote community conversations and support initiatives to create open spaces to nurture and support urban agriculture. He will stand with communities in their efforts to create more open spaces, maintain existing community gardens, and increase the presence of urban agriculture in the city’s many neighborhoods. As a supporter of the Mayor’s Urban Agriculture Working Group and Article 89, Jeff would sit on the City Council as a vocal proponent of city re-zoning efforts intended to facilitate urban agriculture. Jeff will bring his insight and experience as a community gardener to the City Council, allowing him to effectively support efforts to increase access to open spaces and urban agriculture.

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  1. Anonymous July 11, 2013 at 8:47 pm

    sooooo he’s running on a ‘Gardening Platform’ ?  Not sure the City Council seat is necessary to advocate for more gardens.

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