Look at all the great projects in store for South Boston!  See press release below.

With the City budget expected to pass at this week’s City Council meeting, Boston City Councilor Ed Flynn and Boston City Councilor At-Large Michael Flaherty are providing an update on the FY20 city budget on projects and investments that will impact South Boston. Over the past several months, the City Council and Mayor Walsh’s Administration have worked on crafting a budget that will allow the city to provide quality city services to our residents, as well as making significant investments that will enhance our streets, parks, environment, and overall quality of life. In South Boston, the budget will allow for investment in major community spaces and parks such as the Curley Community Center (L St Bathhouse), Moakley Park, Medal of Honor Park, Flaherty Park, Orton Field, and the South Boston Branch Library, as well as climate resiliency measures and public works projects in Fort Point. 

Below is a list of capital projects for FY 2020-2024 in South Boston: 

South Boston 

  1. $15M investment for major renovation to the BCYF Curley Community Center 
  2. $250K to install playground equipment for kids ages two to five in the Medal of Honor Park 
  3. $20M to design and construct a climate resilient waterfront park along the Fort Point Channel 
  4. $600K to build a new inter-generational gathering space outside the BHA Monsignor Powers on L Street, where our senior and residents can relax.
  5. $99K to complete landscaping and exterior improvements at the South Boston Branch of the Boston Public Library 
  6. $2M budget to implement the Moakley Park masterplan, including upgrades to our athletic fields
  7. $715K to significantly upgrade the playground and amenities at Flaherty Park (B St & West 3rd St.) 
  8. $400K investment to improve playing fields and other amenities at Orton Field behind the Condon School 
  9. $7.4M investment to continue the Crossroads Initiative, an initiative designed to build better links between major districts of Boston, at Summer Street 
  10. $250K to reconstruct Congress Street from the Fort Point Channel to West Service Road by adding new sidewalks, street lights, and trees. 

“I’d like to thank all of the residents, activists, and civic groups for their feedback in this year’s budget process,” said Councilor Flynn. “Thank you also to Mayor Walsh and his team for investing in the people of South Boston with significant funding for our parks, community centers, and our library, as well as climate resiliency measures and major public works projects. This funding will improve the quality of life for our residents, families, seniors, and persons with disabilities.”

“Every budget cycle allows the Boston City Council and our constituents to look back at how we invest in our services and resources for the City of Boston. Further, we also have another opportunity to look at where we can do better,” said Flaherty. “This budget season is no exception – through funding our public resources, such as necessary improvements to our local library, infrastructure additions and installations to our neighborhood parks, Mayor Walsh and his administration continue to show commitment to the people of South Boston and its development through significant investments. Councilor Flynn and I will continue to work together to advocate for the betterment of the neighborhood.”

For more information, please contact Councilor Flynn’s office at 617-635-3203 or E[email protected] or Councilor Flaherty at 617-635-4205 or [email protected]

Image via Moakley Park masterplan.

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