City Council President and Southie resident Bill Linehan has formed a new committee to deal with concerns of the neighborhood in regards to the 2024 Olympic bid.  See press release below:

Council President Linehan announces the formation of a Special Committee on the 2024 Summer Olympics. Councilor Linehan will Chair the committee and has appointed Councilors Ciommo, Baker, Jackson, McCarthy, Wu, and O’Malley as members.

The Committee will hold its first hearing Friday, March 6th at 10:30a.m. in the Iannella Chambers at City Hall. The Council will hear a presentation from Boston 2024 to initiate the discussion and give the Council an opportunity to vet concerns.

The Committee will concern itself with issues regarding the City of Boston’s bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympics. Some of the issues the Committee will investigate include; insuring the community process is open to all, the economic impact of hosting the Summer Olympics Games for the City, and what effect hosting the Olympic Games will have on the City’s neighborhoods.

The Committee will perform the due diligence needed to determine the feasibility of hosting the 2024 Summer Olympics as well as weigh the possible advantages and/or disadvantages of hosting the 2024 Summer Olympics, by working with 2024 to craft an Olympic bid that will work for Boston.  

The Committee will act as an alternative and objective voice to the 2024 Olympic bid presented by the City. Council President Linehan has stated: “This Committee will act as an additional opportunity for neighborhood process and participation. I truly believe that the experienced members of this Committee will put in the necessary work to help guide this effort and decide what is best for Boston and all its residents.”

Councilor President Linehan added, Boston does not need the games, but I have to ask the question, “Why can’t we host the games? The City of Boston has an Olympic legacy. In 1896 at the first modern Olympics in Athens, U.S.A. athletes from Boston led the charge to victory.  

In addition, the Olympic Marathon distance run in 1896 was emulated in Boston the following year in 1897, what we all have come to know and love as “The Boston Marathon,” a tribute to the first games that continues.

I believe we need to look hard at our ability, capacity and execute with the intention of being Boston Strong.”



  1. Annoynoumous March 4, 2015 at 5:25 pm

    Although I do appreciate the fact that the elected officials are asking for the community feedback, I have to ask how serious are they really? Why would you schedule a meeting for 10:30 am on A Friday when clearly the majoirty of citizens will be at work? Seems like a political effort with no real care for the communities concern

  2. My Name March 10, 2015 at 8:40 pm

    The Olympics is either going to happen or not happen no matter how the community feels about it. The politicians are going to ram their wishes down our throats just like they do with everything else. The suckers will keep working for them on election day and trating them as if they really have our best intersts at heart. Wake Up, Southie! they've been screwing us for years. Its not going to change now. The next politician I will listen to will be the one who cakks for term limits.

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