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Dear neighbors,

With 2022 drawing to a close, I would like to provide a summary of my work in what has been a transitional year in the City of Boston. We welcomed Mayor Wu last November and five new City Councilors in January. I was elected Council President, and my office has adapted and taken on more administrative responsibilities. I am proud to form new partnerships and build on old ones with the administration and with different organizations throughout the City.

In District 2, my work and advocacy continues in many key areas: pedestrian safety & public safety, immigrant and civil rights, quality of life issues, housing & development, and community preservation. In the South Boston Waterfront, I was able to secure the long-advocated and much-needed $11 million in the FY 23 budget for the design and construction of a new EMS Seaport station in light of the population boom of the area over the past decade. In South Boston, the South Boston Elected officials and I are advocating with both the BPDA and BTD in regards to traffic-calming and pedestrian safety improvements that should be reviewed as part of the South Boston Transportation Plan.In Chinatown, I secured $500,000 for much-needed sidewalk improvements and I continue to work with nonprofits and advocacy groups to support more affordable housing for our immigrant neighbors. In the South End, I supported the renaming of the McKinley Schools to Melvin H. King South End Academy, after Representative Melvin H. King, a long-time South End resident and revered community activist and educator. I also secured over $2.2 million in funding to improve the O’Day Playground and Watson Park.

As a legislative body, both the Council and our city are a step closer to implementing a multi-pronged approach to tackle pest control, such as actively using dry ice and exploring trash containerization. On immigrant and labor issues, we supported working families such as our hotel workers, security officers and others in pursuit of living wages, affordable healthcare, safe working conditions, and a secure retirement. On accessibility issues, we also passed an ordinance to amend the City of Boston Code to provide closed captioning on public-facing televisions for those with hearing disabilities. The list of what we have worked on is long, and I have included more details below.

As we gather with families and friends this holiday season, I encourage everyone to get their flu shots and boosters to stay healthy. Wishing you and your families a Merry Christmas, along with a safe and happy holiday season, and a Happy New Year.

Thank you,


Below are highlights of our work this year:

Quality of Life and City Services

  • Held a hearing to discuss pest control in the City of Boston

  • Held a hearing to discuss trash containerization in the City of Boston with Councilor Bok and Councilor Louijeune

  • Called for a hearing to discuss safety concerns associated with Double-Decker Sightseeing Buses and requirement of Double Decker Bus Public Safety Measures in the City Of Boston

  • Called for a hearing regarding the coordination of the Construction and Utility Permits with Councilor Coletta

  • Called for a hearing to discuss the organization of quasi-public and semi-independent entities related to the City of Boston with Councilor Breadon

Public Health

  • Called for a hearing to discuss the possibility of allocating ARPA funds for the expansion of South Boston Community Health Center.

  • Called for a hearing to discuss increasing access to swimming lessons and awareness of water safety

  • Passed a resolution calling for the announcement of a public health crisis related to traffic safety and injuries and implementation of sound prevention policies

  • Passed a resolution Declaring Gun Violence as a Public Health Emergency

  • Passed a resolution recognizing the Contribution of Human Services Workers in Boston and Across the Commonwealth During Human Services Awareness Week with Councilor Breadon

Transportation, Public and Pedestrian safety

  • Secured $11 million EMS Seaport Station for design and construction of a new EMS station

  • Secured $500,000 for Pier 10 Park Ferry Terminal to develop design plans to create a ferry service from Pier 10 to North Station for more reliable transit services in the Marine Park

  • Secured $500,000 for Chinatown Sidewalk Improvements to improve the condition of sidewalks in historic Chinatown

  • Called for a Hearing to discuss the Safety of Light Poles, Bridges, and Other Public Infrastructure in the City of Boston

Schools and Libraries

  • Secured  $500,000 for Condon School Lighting Improvements

  • Secured $250,000 for the South Boston Branch Library study

  • Secured $175,000 for the McKinley School space programming study to determine requirements for all three McKinley School sites

Affordable Housing

  • Secured $10 million for Mary Ellen McCormack Redevelopment, Phase One, which will comprise 1,365 units of new mixed- income housing (572 of which are affordable replacement units). 69.000 sq. ft. of community and retail space, 2.3 acres of open space

  • Supported the securing of $2 million for 288 Harrison Residences Affordable Housing, which will fund creation of 85 affordable rental housing for low-to-moderate income individuals and families in Chinatown with 30-80% AMI

Parks and Open Spaces

  • Secured $1 million for Moakley Park O&M Building to design a new operations and maintenance building as part of Phase I park improvements.

  • Secured $2,230,000 for O’Day Playground, South End to renovate park including play lots, water play, basketball court, and plaza area

  • Secured $45,000 for Watson Park, South End to develop design plans for a set of passive parks

  • Supported the securing of $650,000 CPA Funds for the Major Christopher Lee Playground & N Street Little League Field for rehabilitation, restoration and capital improvements

  • Supported the securing of $34,390 for Barnard Place Park capital improvements

  • Supported the securing of $250,000 for Crite Park to transform long-neglected property into vibrant community park and memorialize the late African American artist Allan Rohan Crite

Historic preservation

  • Secured $400,000 for Faneuil Hall and Sam Adams Park to repair masonry, address drainage issues,  install permanent decorative wrought iron gates around the basement windows and restore the bronze fixtures

  • Fort Point – Supported the securing of $327,000 for Congress Street Fire Station/Boston Fire Museum for continued critical structural repairs to masonry facade and parapet walls and reinforcing interior structural timbers

  • Chinatown – Supported the securing of $150,000 for 95 Hudson Street Row House Preservation for masonry restoration and structural repairs

Arts and Culture

  • Secured $1 million for the Chinatown Worker Statues Project to design and install 4 bronze figures on four separate sites in the Chinatown neighborhood

  • Secured $450,000 for the Cocoanut Grove Memorial for the design, site preparation and installation of public art in Statler Park

  • Secured $500,000 for the Park Plaza Monument/Memorial to select an artist who will design, manage the fabrication and installation of a new artwork to be installed on the site formerly occupied by the Emancipation Group Statue in Park Plaza, $500,000

Civil Rights

  • Held a hearing to discuss ways for the city to increase communications access for People with Disabilities to Public-Facing Televisions

  • Passed an Ordinance amending the City of Boston Code Related to Closed Captioning on Public-Facing Televisions


  • Worked with Mayor Janey, Mayor Wu & Boston Public Schools to advocate for our teachers to be included in the new statewide paid family & medical leave (PFML) policy from October 2021. As of September 2022, Boston Teachers Union and the Boston School Committee have signed a MOA with language consistent with the City of Boston’s Paid Parental Leave policy.

  • Passed a resolution to support Sheraton Hotel Workers

  • Passed a resolution to support Greater Boston Starbucks Workers United in their efforts to unionize

  • Passed a resolution in support of 32BJ SEIU’S Security Office Campaign

  • Passed a resolution in Support of Unite Here Local 26 Hyatt Centric Hotel Workers to Get a First Contract

Immigrant Advancement

  • Passed a resolution in support of H. 3115 “An Act Ensuring Equitable Representation in the Commonwealth” to collect and publicize data for major ethnic groups to better identify specific needs and challenges faced by ethnic subgroups and come up with appropriate solutions

  • Passed a resolution in recognition of the contributions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders During Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May

  • Passed a resolution recognizing Irish-American Heritage Month


  • Passed a resolution in support of the commissioning of the USS Massachusetts

  • Passed a resolution recognizing National Purple Heart Day 2022 with Councilor Murphy

  • Passed a resolution in support of an African American Veterans’ U.S. Commemorative Stamp series

For more information, please contact Councilor Flynn’s office at 617-635-3203 and [email protected].


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