BOSTON – Thursday, June 8, 2023 – Mayor Michelle Wu today announced the launch of the Nightlife Initiative for a Thriving Economy (NITE) Committee, a new opportunity for Boston residents to engage with the City on efforts to foster a more fun, equitable and family-friendly nightlife economy that benefits all residents across neighborhoods. The NITE Committee will be chaired by the City’s Director of Nightlife Economy Corean Reynolds and members will help the City with building on Boston’s existing nightlife economy and culture. To apply, please visit

“Boston’s nightlife is an integral part of our city’s identity, and it plays a crucial role in fostering community, driving economic growth, and enhancing the quality of life for all residents, said Mayor Michelle Wu. “Through the Nightlife Initiative for a Thriving Economy Committee, we aim to harness the collective wisdom of industry experts and community leaders to create a more vibrant and inclusive nightlife ecosystem that reflects the needs and aspirations of our diverse city.”

“Our Director of Nightlife Economy has already made important strides by working across the Administration to implement pragmatic policy and programmatic solutions that will help make Boston a 24-hour city,” said Segun Idowu, Chief of Economic Opportunity and Inclusion. “By launching the NITE Committee, we are ensuring that resident, worker, patron, and industry voices are uplifted as we continue to push for policy solutions that will create vitality and vibrancy in Boston’s nightlife.”

The NITE Committee will consist of 21 residents, business and civic leaders who represent a diverse range of expertise and perspectives related to the food and beverage industry, arts and culture, entertainment, public safety, community, and compliance. This committee will support the City’s work to evaluate existing regulations and policies impacting Boston’s nightlife economy and culture. The Committee will also present informed findings and provide recommendations to the Office of Economic Opportunity and Inclusion on potential opportunities and challenges affecting the growth and vibrancy of Boston’s nightlife economy.

“Creating opportunities to hear diverse voices representing every corner of Boston has been a top priority as the City works to support the nightlife economy,” said Corean Reynolds, Director of Nightlife Economy. “The NITE Committee exemplifies our commitment to community-driven solutions. Overcoming barriers to a vibrant nightlife requires innovative policies and united stakeholders. Leading this initiative is an honor, bringing together diverse sectors to advise the Office of Nightlife Economy. Together, we’ll shape Boston’s nightlife future, ensuring its vibrancy and preserving its integral role.”

“As we seek to create new opportunities that increase our vibrancy and create a nightlife economy, it is critical that we take this step to engage residents across demographic and geographic lines to ensure that economic growth is inclusive and benefits all of our residents,” said Councilor Brian Worrell, Chair of the Committee on Small Business and Professional Licensure. “I am looking forward to partnering with the Mayor, our City staff, and this committee to create a path forward that is informed by stakeholders, industry experts, and civic leaders.”

“No great city fully goes to sleep at a specific time and we are thrilled to see the City of Boston move forward with the NITE Committee to better serve the multitude of interests that converge downtown and throughout our neighborhoods each evening,” said Michael Nichols, President of the Downtown Boston Business Improvement District. “From tourists and workers to business owners and residents, we see unmet demands and unrealized opportunities that this effort can address to make Boston more vibrant, productive, equitable, and interesting.”

“Over 10 years ago Future Boston Alliance asked the city to have a culture that reflects its diversity,” said Malia Lazu, Founder and CEO of The Lazu Group and leader of Future Boston Alliance. “Residents wanted Boston to be a city that is fun for everybody. The City of Boston has made some strides over the years and I am hopeful that the NITE Committee will help the city move further in this work.”

The application to express interest in becoming a member of the NITE Committee opens today and interested individuals are encouraged to apply before the form closes on Friday, June 23, 2023. Selected committee members will be notified in July. For more information about the Nightlife Initiative for a Thriving Economy Committee, please visit

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