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Universal Hub is reporting that City Councilor-at-Large Julia Mejia has filed a lawsuit for libel and defamation against Turtleboy News owner Aiden Kearney.

On Wednesday, Mejia filed a defamation lawsuit in Suffolk Superior Court referencing a post by Turtleboy back in 2021 where Kearney claimed that she started live-streaming a crime rather than calling 911.  Also included in the suite, are social media posts from 2022 alleging that Mejia is a possible drug user and used her position to avoid an OUI charge by the BPD.

Mejia is hoping to get a jury trial and is looking for financial damages.

You can read the full details here! 



  1. Earl Piper January 24, 2023 at 1:00 pm - Reply

    Eww, Turtleboy Kearney is someone I haven’t heard or thought about in a long time. He is one truly pathetic and perverted mental-manlet, who goes to great lengths to find even the most uncommon, deepest denominators to pander to with his hepatitis-yellow “journalism”. I kinda regret not trolling him into schizophrenic oblivion back when I was more aware of his online shenanigans. Sorry :^(

    • Hey, Um…”Earl”? January 26, 2023 at 2:29 pm - Reply

      Yeeeeah, you go and “troll” him. You do that. Because you’re just that important.

      You go troll the one guy who had the temerity, the determination and intestinal fortitude to stay on that race-hustling, money-grabbing racist Monica Canyon-Pants. If it wasn’t for TB that swine would still be running her game…against “da community”.

      So, yeah. No.

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