1.7 min readBy Published On: November 25th, 2014Categories: News0 Comments on Cat’s meow – a new cat cafe for Southie

We know Southie has evolved and changed from the days of Pober’s and Slocum’s Toyland.  South Boston now has yoga studios, million dollar condos and even a Starbucks – but hang onto your hats, we might be getting a cat cafe!  

“What the heck is a cat cafe?”  you ask – well, we weren’t quite sure either.  Apparently, it’s a trend that began in Japan for those who love cats but can’t own a cat due to apartment restrictions etc. So someone came up with the genius idea of opening a spot where people can come and pay to hang out with cats.  We don’t mean cool cats – like the cats you meet at Lincoln or Stats – we mean actual feline cats.  Another misconception, you don’t bring your own cat to the cafe – there are cats that reside at the cafe for you to drink coffee with.

According to Boston Magazine, an ambitious Brown graduate would like to open, La Chat Noir – a cat cafe – in Southie of all places.  Amanda Davis recently launched a $65,000 Indiegogo campaign to make her cat cafe dream come true.    She thinks of Boston as “sophisticated city” and “no better place for this unique business.”  Hmmmm…then why on earth would she pick the neighborhood of South Boston?  We’re not saying Southie is not sophisticated but we still have fist fights over parking spots in the winter and don’t even get people started on bike lanes.  The idea of cat cafe in Southie just doesn’t seem to fit.  

But maybe we are wrong and La Chat Noir – will be a huge success with Southie cat enthusiasts and there might be a line out the door like Boston Bagel Co. on the weekends.  To someone who loves cat, La Chat Noir sounds like a dream.  To someone else, it might sound a little bit nightmarish and maybe even like a health code violation.  But we shall see, Southie.