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Can the city create more affordable housing?

Affordable housing is a hot topic and an issue that needs to be addressed

Do you know what the Inclusionary Development Policy is?  It’s a policy which requires most housing developers to set aside 13 percent of units in new building to be affordable rents or pay money into the city’s affordable housing funds.   It was started back in 2000. (Of course not all developers have been playing by the affordable housing rules. )

According to the Boston Globe, the Boston Planning and Development Agency is going to be reviewing this 19 year-old program to see how it can improve.  A new report just released on Tuesday shows that “546 inclusionary units opened in 2018 — about one-fourth of its total production since launching in 2000 — with 834 more under construction or permitted.”  

But is that enough?  Well, housing advocates would say no.  And developers would most likely say yes.  Well, the City of Boston plans on discussing this issue with both sides, and will hold a series of community meetings about the topic this spring and early summer.  Mayor Marty Walsh proposed strengthening the Inclusionary Development Policy in his 2019 Legislative Package in the hopes to create more affordable housing.  

City Councilor Michael Flaherty and City Council Ed Flynn have ordered a hearing to discuss Inclusionary Development Policy and affordable housing. Date will be announced soon.

You can read more about this hot topic here!  What do you think?

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