Are people getting wedgies in the bathrooms at City Hall? Bullying in the Boston City Council is evidently a problem that City Council President Ed Flynn would like to nip in the bud.

Below is the proposed anti-bullying policy for the City Council, which Flynn will introduce at Wednesday’s Council meeting. “It is critical that all Councilors, staff, and Central Staff are able to work in a professional, welcoming, and inclusive environment.” Council President Flynn plans to hold multiple meetings to gather feedback before implementation.

Proposed City Council Anti-Bullying Policy 5.17.23


  1. Mike Thomas May 16, 2023 at 9:12 pm - Reply

    Atomic wedgies should be allowed, of course in the most compassionate manner, no feelings hurt, like it was back in the day., don’t ya remember ?
    Lightly kicking a person’s foot across the other from behind while walking briskly was a favorite too, but not to make them stumble dropping a full pepperoni pizza or a stack of extremely important legislation…just to make the person spill a bit of coffee for a chuckle. city hall ?? Come on now.
    How bout endless spitballs, ya know thru the oversized mcD’s straws…
    Paperclip slingshot anyone ??
    Rubber band pistol shots to the head from God only knows…
    Let’s not mention the things with superglue..could really ruin someone’s day.
    Bullying in city hall..hmmm
    Has anyone ever tied someone’s laces together while the person was dozing on the public dime ?
    Kinda sounds like fun don’t it ?
    Well it is.
    Come on people pass some of this on , set the example.; I know I would if I had a job in city hall.
    I made a lot of friends doing so in my day. live a little !!
    That Southie guy.

    • Hey, Mike… May 21, 2023 at 3:50 pm - Reply

      ….you sound like a jerk. And as far as your “that Southie guy” thing? Yeah. That’s why people hate us and could not be happier about the changing of the neighborhood. Because of boorish buffoons like you who have convinced yourselves that you speak for all of us. You don’t.

      Give it a rest.

  2. Alphonsus Roche August 17, 2023 at 6:27 pm - Reply

    What power does the city council have. Tried multiple times to have the Capitol Trash Collection personnel to put barrels back on sidewalk instead of just pushing them to curb. Our taxes should get safer results

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