The Boston Business Journal is reporting that the Lego Group has selected Boston as the new location for its headquarters for the Americas region! For nearly 50 years, Lego called Enfield, Connecticut, its American home but they’re moving to Boston beginning in mid-2025 through the end of 2026.

Lego does have an educational division office in the Back Bay but it is searching for a new location in “central Boston” for the headquarters. Hmmm…Southie, maybe?

“Boston is ranked one of the best cities in the world to attract and retain talent. This, along with its world-class academic institutions, skilled workforce and great quality of life makes it an ideal location for our U.S. head office,” said Skip Kodak, Lego’s president in the Americas via statement.

You can read more about this potentially big move and big deal for Boston here. 

We still love this Lego video that was sent to us last winter depicting the time-honored tradition of space-saving in Southie from the Legoland Discover Center.


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  1. mplo January 25, 2023 at 5:59 pm - Reply

    Hmmmm….that is exciting! Some of those Lego creations are super-exciting–and big, too.

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